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Andrii Vakulik shot the short mystical thriller “Earth”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

Andrii Vakulik shot the short mystical thriller "Earth"

Watch the movie "Earth"/frame from the film

This time we will talk about the second film of the Ukrainian director Andrii Vakulik. We are talking about the tape “Zemlya”.

As the author notes, this is a mystical thriller that tells us about the mysterious anomalies that occurred on the territory of Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war. Watch the film on Radio MAXIMUM.

The plot of the film “Earth”

At the center of the plot are supernatural phenomena that stand in the way Russian invaders. The film tells about how nature itself can resist hostile forces, as well as about the attitude of the native land to those who came to it with war.

The shooting of the film took longer than we planned, and in general it seemed difficult. Among the performers of the film's roles were many soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military personnel, and their official duties, of course, were a priority. Also, more than once we had to wait for weeks until the whole team managed to get together for the shooting day,
– say the creators of the film.

They add that the emotionally charged scenes required the actors to express themselves more and even physically. One of the actors even had a heart attack during filming, and an ambulance came for him, after which he spent a week recovering in the hospital. In addition, constant air-raid alarms regularly interrupted the shooting, because the creators of the film took care of the safety of our entire team.

Earth: watch the mystical thriller

Despite all the difficulties, each member of the team is sure that it was worth it. The creators of the film believe that the combination of military themes and mysticism was successful. They are also sincerely grateful to the Department of Culture of the Chernihiv OVA and the Chernihiv Youth Theater for their help in financing the project, as well as to everyone who participated in the creation of the film.

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