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Andr&eacute ;e Laforest remains optimistic for a battery sector project in Saguenay

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The Member of Parliament for Chicoutimi and Minister of Municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, gave a speech Wednesday, during the official inauguration of the new premises of the Chicoutimi homeless shelter. 36 permanent rooms and 20 temporary beds have been available since the fall in the convent of the Servants of the Most Holy Sacrament.

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The minister responsible for Saguenay- Lac-Saint-Jean, Andrée Laforest, is still hopeful that a major battery sector project will see the light of day at the port of Saguenay, even if the head of Investissement Québec maintains that all the initiatives in the province have already been announced.

I am always very, very positive about the region. Tell yourself one thing, if there was no project in sight, we as a government would not be investing millions and millions. We are investing 33 million for the conveyor, 22 million for the dock, I know that other investments will be made soon. We are definitely investing. Our infrastructure will be ready, for the rest, there is a company that will come, I am positive, Andrée Laforest underlined Monday.

The CAQ MP expressed her optimism on the sidelines of the official inauguration of the new premises of the shelter for the homeless of Chicoutimi in the former convent of the Servantes du Très-Saint-Sacrement. The inauguration took place in the chapel in the presence of several municipal elected officials.

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The CAQ MP for Chicoutimi, Andrée Laforest, and several municipal elected officials from Saguenay attended the inauguration, including Jacques Cleary, Julie Dufour, Claude Bouchard, Mireille Jean, Jimmy Bouchard, Kevin Armstrong, Michel Tremblay and Marc Bouchard.

Last week, the president and CEO of Investissement Québec, Guy Leblanc, mentioned toThe Canadian Press that the Quebec battery ecosystem was now complete. According to him, the $15 billion that remains to be invested in the province will be intended to complete projects already underway.

Mayor Julie Dufour remains confident of attracting major projects to Saguenay

Moreover , according to our information, Saguenay has still not hired a general auditor, despite the ultimatum imposed by Andrée Laforest a few weeks ago.

The member for Chicoutimi, who also holds the role of Minister of Municipal Affairs, had asked Saguenay to appoint a general auditor before the next municipal council on December 5. She said she would do it herself if the deadline was not met.

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The position has been vacant since the retirement of Sylvie Jean in April 2022, i.e. for around twenty months. However, the Quebec Act on Cities and Towns requires that a resigning auditor general be replaced after 180 days at the latest.

Andrée Laforest claims that she will keep her word by taking the matter under her wing if Wednesday's municipal council concludes without a nomination. On Friday, I spoke with my Quebec team to see if there were any applications and how we worked. But obviously what I was told was that we will wait to see if the city proposes a general auditor and if there is no name, I will try to act very, very quickly, as soon as possible.

I'm definitely going to tour Quebec. I am going to tour the region and it is certain that in terms of municipal affairs, there are several directors general that I know a little.

A quote from Andrée Laforest, minister of the Saguenay region- Lac-Saint-Jean and Municipal Affairs

Has the City of Saguenay shown negligence? No, according to Andrée Laforest. Mayor Julie Dufour, also present at the inauguration, recalled that hundreds of candidates were met by a headhunter and that the latter had even been replaced to speed up the process. p>Open in full screen mode

The mayor of Saguenay, Julie Dufour, was also present at the inauguration of the new spaces of the Chicoutimi homeless shelter.

Julie Dufour says she is open to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs looking into hiring a general auditor. If the Minister of Municipal Affairs has someone who meets the requirements of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), that would make us extremely happy! she said.

In addition to having to be a member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants, the person who wishes to be appointed as general auditor must hold a public accounting.

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