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Andre Tan and other Ukrainian designers reminded America about the war in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar26,2024

Andre Tan and other Ukrainian designers reminded America of the war in Ukraine

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From March 22 to 24, Fashion Week took place in Los Angeles, a separate event of which was the “Ukrainian block”. Our designers presented their new collections and opened a showroom where Ukrainians communicated with famous buyers (Saks, Nordstrom, Revolve).

Ukrainian designer Andre Tan made a real splash at Los Angeles Fashion Week. Radio Maxim tells how he reminds the world about the war in our country.

Andre Tan brought to LA Fashion Week a new collection of his own sustainable fashion brand RDNT called “Open Your Eyes” . It was first presented at the Fashion Week in Paris, but for the American public, the designer made a new, adapted version.

However, the main core of the collection remained – these are ultra-functional, minimalistic and stylish things that represent modern youth, their moods and thirst for self-expression. The use of eco-materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, not only added appeal to the visual style of the collection, but also raised the issue of eco-consciousness and “ethical fashion”, which are currently very relevant in the global fashion industry.

Andre Tan and other Ukrainian designers reminded America of the war in Ukraine

Fashion Week < p dir="ltr">An important element of Andre Tan's show was, as the designer himself put it, “a reminder to Americans about the war in Ukraine.” Before the start of the show, the guests of the show watched a special mini-film, which was prepared by the design team. In it, viewers could see what a beautiful country Ukraine is, and what is happening to it now, during the full-scale invasion of Russia.

I realized that I was doing everything right when I was driving in Los Angeles in a taxi – and accidentally struck up a conversation with the driver. The taxi driver told me a lot of interesting things, for example, that many people in the USA think that the war in Ukraine is already over, because they stopped showing it on television. And this despite the fact that now the war is in a fierce phase, when battles are taking place every meter and our fighters are dying. I wanted to cancel the show several times – there were certain difficulties, but then I realized that this Fashion Week is a good opportunity to once again remind the world that the war continues and Ukraine needs the support of the world community, – noted the designer.

В American models participated in Andre Tan's show, but the vast majority were Ukrainian models, with whom Andre really wanted to work – and specially arranged a separate casting for them, involving local bloggers.

American models are beautiful and extremely professional, I had a great pleasure working with them. But I was once again convinced that Ukrainian models are the best in the world! – says the designer. In general, the experience of the show in Los Angeles made a great impression on me. In addition to the presentation of the collection and showroom of Ukrainian designers, we talked a lot with buyers, we were taught by experienced specialists in fashion marketing and PR. I am taking home a lot of insights and inspiration so that Ukrainian fashion will continue to successfully walk the world!

The show was held as part of the Ukrainian Fashion Forward program, which was launched by the Anna Petrova Foundation Startup Ukraine with the support of the American Embassy in Ukraine. Local organizers were Fashion Tech Works, The New Mart, Artheart Fashion.

Andre Tan and other Ukrainian designers reminded America of the war in Ukraine

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