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“And in my heart music plays”: Roman Scorpion once again spun the novel

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

"And in my heart music plays": Roman Scorpion once again spun the novel< /p> Roman Skorpion/Press Service

On June 14, Ukrainian singer Roman Skorpion presented a new single “And music plays in my heart”. It is significantly different in sound from previous hits.

Roman Scorpion performed a lyrical work in a pair with an unknown artist. Watch the video “And music plays in my heart” on YouTube.

This song is about true, sincere love that makes the soul sing.

The song contains lines characterizing the main message – “we learned to trust with you, without trust there is no love.” Sometimes people seek their happiness without listening to their heart. In order to have happiness, first of all, yourself and follow the calling of your soul and heart. Understand what exactly you need and what you want most, what will really make you happy. Therefore, with this song, I want to emphasize the main thing – you need to be able to listen to yourself and your heart, because it is the key to our happiness and definitely does not want to make us worse, – emphasizes the singer.

Roman Scorpion also shared the details of the creation of the track. After all, this is already the second version of the song.

At first, she sounded completely different and even a music video was made for her. But one morning I woke up with a completely different melody playing in my head that was the perfect embodiment of what I wanted to convey in this song. That's how the song that you can hear now appeared, he noted.

Along with the track, the presentation of the clip was also held, the director of which was Anton Pilnovatikh, together with whom the video work for the song “Ocean” was already created. and “Soldier”. As the singer himself notes, this song is not similar to any of the songs in his repertoire.
And real fans will immediately feel it.

I have long wanted to change the sound vector of my songs. The track “And music plays in my heart” will be the starting point for this. I'm sure my fans will love this song as much as I loved it, he says.

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