Anatoly Anatolich's wife responded to accusations that he “hid behind a skirt”

Anatoly Anatolich's wife responded to accusations that he “hid behind a skirt”

Anatoliy Anatolich's wife responded to accusations that he

Yuliya Yatsechko told how she is going through the threats of the rashists after her phone was leaked by the occupants to the network

Well-known peer director and wife of TV presenter and blogger Anatoly Anatolich Yuliya Yatsechko Tolicha responded to the hate of subscribers who write that her husband hid behind her skirt. As you know, at one time Anatoly Anatolich, fleeing the war, left for France with his family, but then returned to Ukraine.

“He didn’t hide behind my skirt, on the contrary, I hid behind him, because we have three young children, the youngest of whom was seven months old at that time,” Yulia says in an interview with KP. – When the war began, our whole family was at home in Vyshgorod. We felt all the fears. The first downed helicopter over the Kyiv Sea was over our heads. We sat almost without getting out for three days in a damp basement in jackets and boots, because the basement was not designed for the fact that someone would live in it. First, in 15 squares there were 12 of us sitting together with neighbors, and then our family and our mothers remained. And only when the skirmish of saboteurs began behind our fence, we gathered after 5 minutes and left for no one knows where. On the way, the children and I saw corpses, roads pierced by rockets, mined bridges. We were sheltered in Kagarlyk (a town in the Obukhovsky district of the Kyiv region. – Auth.) by the grandfather and grandmother of a classmate of our middle daughter. We thought we would sit out the war for a day or three and return. So, our family and 15 other people stayed for almost a month as a guest.”

“It was already uncomfortable to live there, and we decided to move on,” Yulia continues. – We agreed that my husband would take us and return to Ukraine. After all, in addition to three children, our mothers and a dog were traveling with us. I would not have coped alone – 2500 km with children and a baby. And so it happened – he drove us, helped us settle down and returned. And in the interval between departure and return, we all fell under the hatred, because we did not hide these events of our life. Then they learned to live at a distance. We saw each other for the first time after his return to Ukraine six weeks later.”

Anatoliy Anatolich recently confessed that the Rashists leaked his phone number to the network, as well as – wives and mothers and now threaten. “Working as a PR woman for the most famous stars, I saw different things – both fans and maniacs,” Yulia says about this. – In 2015, after a loud scandal at 1 + 1, when Loboda's address was leaked and it was not known who walked at her house, I experienced all these fears with them. So now I'm a little hardened. But, to be honest, now the situation is more complicated, because it is not one psycho, but many. It was in the telegram channel of aggressive Russian rashists that they began to poison our family. I understand that the likelihood that the threats will reach the point is not great. But I didn’t sleep for a couple of nights, it seemed to me that someone was climbing through the window.”