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Analysis | A devastating report for the political future of Joe Biden?

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Joe Biden's intellectual acuity is more than ever called into question by the report of a special counsel, to 9 months of the presidential election.

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In its management report confidential documents by Joe Biden, the special counsel in charge of the investigation recommends not filing criminal charges against the Democratic president. Good news for him? Yes, except that the report casts doubt on his intellectual abilities, which is not a good sign for his credibility for the November presidential election.

Robert Hur, the special counsel investigating President Biden, said in a report released Thursday that he has decided that no criminal charges are warranted against Joe Biden regarding his handling of classified documents after leaving the vice presidency in early 2017, even though he found some small evidence that the Democratic president had intentionally kept and disclosed some sensitive documents.

The 345-page report could, in any case, prove to be a political liability, because it describes Joe Biden, 81, as an absent-minded old man who kept notebooks and documents containing classified information at his home — a scathing description that will likely be used against him again and again by Republicans.

What is striking are the descriptions in Special Advisor Hur's report of President Biden's memory lapses and are potentially very damaging to the latter's re-election campaign, which is increasingly facing questions about his age and mental acuity.

LoadingDrug insurance: “We’re tired of the stupidity,” says an NDP source

ELSEWHERE ON INFO: Drug insurance: “We are fed up with the stupidity,” says an NPD source describes interviews with Joe Biden in which he couldn't remember when he was vice president, the year his son died, or who he was with. agreement during the debates on the policy to be pursued.

We also took into account that Mr. Biden would present himself at trial, as he did in our interview, as a friendly, well-meaning older man with a poor memory, read- on in the report which indicates that it would be difficult to convince a jury to convict him – even though he is a former president over 80 years old.

Suffice to say, Joe Biden is a good old man who made a mistake, but can we blame him because of his bad memory, which is not very good for the Commander in Chief of the United States.

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President Biden's response to the special counsel's report on the handling of classified materials probably didn't help his cause Thursday night

To dispel any doubt, Joe Biden made a point of addressing the nation on Thursday evening to confirm that he had not set up any obstacles and had not sought any delay. I was so determined to give the special prosecutor what he needed that I conducted five hours of in-person interviews over two days as the U.S. government responded to an international crisis, he said, referring to the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7.

On the question of his failing memory, he was combative and emotional on the issue of the disappearance of his son Beau. How dare we raise this question? I don't need anyone to remind me.

The problem is that once questioned by journalists about the situation in Gaza, one of the elements of his response will only bring more grist to the mill of those who question his intellectual acuity. I think that, as you know, the president of Mexico, Sisi, did not want to open the door to the entry of humanitarian materials. I convinced him. Mexico has nothing to do with this story, we are talking about Egypt of course.

By wanting to defuse a problem with this mini press conference, he only fueled it…

Concerns about Joe Biden's age have been a recurring theme of his presidency over the past three years. Fueled in part by videos of the president appearing weak or stumbling in public, many voters have expressed concern about his mental and physical fitness as he seeks to remain in the White House, potentially until next year. at the age of 86 if he were re-elected.

It is indeed his age that risks causing the most political damage , while many Democrats already consider this to be the president's greatest weakness.

Recently, the accumulation of blunders has continued. This is not ageism, but an observation. At a fundraiser on Wednesday, Joe Biden twice mentioned a 2021 conversation with Helmut Kohl, the former German chancellor who died in 2017. Earlier, he mentioned Mitterrand, who died in 1996, instead of Macron. Although his spokespersons later declared that he had expressed himself poorly, as many civil servants do, the accumulation hurts.

Trump's reaction was not long in coming. And as usual, it is full of lies, in all capitals. IT IS NOW PROVEN THAT THIS IS A TWO-TIER SYSTEM OF JUSTICE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL SELECTIVE PROSECUTION! He adds, wrongly, that the Biden documents affair is a hundred times different and more serious than his. I did nothing wrong and was much more cooperative.

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Donald Trump never cooperated with the Department of Justice even though he had numerous opportunities to deliver the requested confidential documents.

In fact, which he does not care about, Donald Trump of course never cooperated even though he had numerous opportunities to return the confidential documents and did not do so. Hence the formal search of his Florida hideout at Mar-a-Lago and hence also the criminal charges for which he risks serious convictions.

The American right-wing media had a field day citing the setbacks of the Democratic president. It’s fair game since the more centrist and left-wing channels often take a long inventory of Donald Trump’s blunders, insults, lies and, more and more recently, errors and memory problems. He who confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, or who claims that he had beaten Barack Obama and who appoints Viktor Orban as president of Turkey.

What Joe Biden's allies are saying is that Hur, Maryland's prosecutor, was appointed by Donald Trump. Attorney General Merrick Garland chose Hur in part to avoid any appearance of political bias in the investigation. By recommending against indicting Joe Biden, special counsel Hur risked angering the former president's supporters, who are furious that Donald Trump was indicted for having himself kept classified documents. But what catches the attention are the descriptions and examples of the intellectual decline of the Democratic president.

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Special Counsel Robert Hur released personal comments on Joe Biden's interrogation sessions highlighting the president's memory lapsesIt is therefore not surprising that the response from the White House after the publication of these unflattering passages about Biden's memory lapses took this form: We do not believe that the treatment of President Biden's memory in the report is accurate or appropriate. […] Your treatment of President Biden stands in stark contrast to the lack of derogatory comments about other individuals.

Former prosecutor senior in Robert S. Mueller's special counsel's office and currently a professor at New York University Law School, Andrew Weissmann believes that the comments contained in the special counsel's report are entirely inappropriate.

This is not the role of the Ministry of Justice, it is free and this is what we are not supposed to do, that is say putting one's thumb on a scale that could have political repercussions.

A quote from Andre Weissmann, professor at New York University Law School

Ammunition provided to the Republican camp by this unflattering report, there is just as much on the Democratic side where behind the scenes, there is concern about the capacity of the outgoing president to face a campaign which risks being intense and probably very negative.

Once again, the situation is not much better among the Republicans, since Donald Trump, who has already experienced sharper mental acuity, could potentially face convictions between now and the November election, which would be extremely damaging for the Republican chances of taking back the White House, if we rely on polls that a significant percentage of voters would then vote against Trump.

Donald Trump has just as many, if not more, problems with the 91 charges he faces, but he presents himself with more energy in person than Joe Biden, who is hesitant in his remarks and at times seems lost in his thoughts. Everything is a question of perception and the projected image is one of the decision-making factors of voters, regardless of the differences in management and the issues defended by the candidates.

Time passes, criticisms and personal attacks on everyone's intellectual acuity are raining down and viable replacement options are rather slim on both camps. No wonder more than two-thirds of Americans wish they had two more candidates. The rest, in the next nine months…

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