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HS Dc Ana Obregon: "Today is the saddest birthday of my life and so will everyone be" - The Times Hub

Ana Obregon: “Today is the saddest birthday of my life and so will everyone be”

Ana Obregon: "Today is the saddest birthday of my life and so will everyone be"

"I'm not going to celebrate it," Ana Obregón has declared regarding this Thursday, in which she turns 66. The actress and presenter has her life in impasse after the death of her only son, Aless Lequio , on May 13 due to cancer and that is how she seems to want to stay at least for now. Since then his Instagram account has been the most direct reflection of his feelings. 57 publications in 46 weeks that for Obregón have meant a before and after. Of these manifestations, 42 are dedicated to her son, to his absence, to the memory, to the strength to which she clings to continue living, to the moments of meditation in which she immerses herself in order to think that continuing has a meaning for her after the departure of the most important person in his life. Also to the project that now drives his energy above all things: the creation of the Aless Lequio Foundation, an organization from which he wants to promote research to fight cancer, and to which he has already stated he will allocate some of the income that has received exclusive interviews in magazines or advertising promotions on social networks.

At noon on his birthday, Obregón has published a text on Instagram along with two photographs of her with Aless, in which the two made a small celebration ago two years. "How is life …", wrote the actress. “This post was uploaded the year before last on my birthday. After a year of fighting cancer in an exemplary way, everything seemed to be going well. You were so glad you had a beard! You said: Mom, at least we're here. It was the happiest birthday of my life because you had been born again ”, confessed Obregón.

“ Last year we did not celebrate it, we were both alone in the hospital from which you never left ”, continues his text. "It could not be. We are not here, neither you nor me. Today is the saddest birthday of my life, and so will everyone. I am only excited to think that each year I meet is one less year to be together again. Thank you from the heart for all your congratulations, your love caresses my soul. ”

Only four days before his anniversary, he published one of his last memories of his son, accompanying a photograph in which he appeared smiling and happy looking Aless in the eyes when he was little while they bathed in the sea: “When you have a son you stop needing a mirror. You were the mirror where I looked at myself to continue living. Ten months without you ”. The day before his birthday, Obregón put a picture of the two together on his Instagram stories , where it read: "Tomorrow I will miss you unbearably."

Despite the painfulness of the words she shares, Ana Obregón has recovered her calm after the tsunami, which means a loss like hers and little by little she is showing that she wants to try to continue with her projects from serenity and without forgetting the absence. The first step was taken by presenting, together with Anne Igartiburu, the New Year's Eve chimes on TVE, precisely at the end of a hard time for Spaniards and for the world due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. His representative, Susana Uribarri, stated in mid-January that Obregón was in "a moment of absolute peace" and that he had received many projects but none to be carried out in the short term. "We will study everything carefully, but nothing has been decided because Ana is now in quiet mode," he added.

People who are close to the artist affirm that she will never be the same again, that apparently always happy whirlwind that told anecdotes that some They questioned and that she made her annual posing in a bikini or swimsuit, which had become an iconic and metaphorical image that kicked off the summer vacation.

Also his alleged public frivolity has mutated into awareness of the problems with which the investigation is found or to demand the responsibility of all in the face of the pandemic. For example, on World Cancer Day Obregón remembered his son and demanded more government aid for research into this disease, in addition to paying tribute to those who fight against it. “His life lesson should reach the hearts of so many who complain about the restrictions, the thousands of adolescents who continue to make illegal parties, the politicians who have been vaccinated without touching them, the lack of a captain in the Government to lead this pandemic … ”he said in a publication on his Instagram profile, where he has 733,000 followers.

In his 66 years of life, who appeared in the media as the very young girlfriend of an almost bearded Miguel Bosé has mostly portrayed himself with a smile, but the illness and death of the only son she had with Alessandro Lequio has not been the only one of her dramas, although it is the worst. Obregón graduated in Biology, studied three years of Veterinary Medicine, 10 years of classical ballet at the conservatory and several courses of modern dance and jazz in England and the United States.

His pleasant verbiage throughout these years has given rise to an expression that reflects the happy and exaggerated side of this woman who was determined to continue on the job site: "You are like Anita La Fantástica." A definition that has to do with some anecdotes told by herself that have reached the maximum level of troll no matter how real they have been: the paella that director Steven Spielberg prepared in Los Angeles (there is graphic evidence), when he lived for two years in Julio Iglesias' Miami home after being robbed in his apartment, or when Victoria Beckham yelled at her in a gym because she was jealous of her relationship (friendly?) with her husband David Beckham, then a Real Madrid player.

It is true that in the eighties he had plenty of dreams and he did not hesitate to travel to study Dramatic Art at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York or try his luck in Los Angeles, where he got a role in the film Bolero , starring Bo Derek and a great box office success in 1983. It is also true that she has tried as an actress, as a presenter and even as a dancer and that she experienced star moments presenting Qué apostamos , being Ramón García's partner in the chimes of several New Year's Eve nights. or giving life to a sweet stripper who takes care of the numerous offspring of a busy widower in Ana and the Seven . Or that in 1990 he did a master's degree in Real Estate and Construction Business Management because whenever he was not shooting he helped in the family construction company, Jotsa , a real estate empire that faltered with the economic crisis and that had its foundations in the father of the clan, Antonio García Fernández, who is currently 95 years old and who was one of the founders of the exclusive Madrid urbanization of La Moraleja.

The b-face of Ana García Obregón has not only been her moderate success as an actress. As a teenager she suffered a tumor in the duodenum that kept her in bed for a long time and was the fuse that, as she herself confessed, ignited her overflowing imagination. At the age of 28, the disease reappeared with a uterus tumor. Ana Obregón, fantastic or not, continued with that life that so many have crumbled without paying attention to values or misfortunes. His love life reflects the Ferris wheel of bright moments and times of absence. The actress's real loves make up a rosary of names of diverse origins: from Miguel Bosé to the basketball player Fernando Martín , the soccer player Davor Suker , the model Darek, the actor Miki Molina and the father of her son, Alessandro Lequio. With others, those who have remained at the rumor level, you could create the script for a long-term soap opera. But, among the important ones, fidelity has not been a characteristic and that other family dream, which brushed against Lequio, stayed by the wayside on more than one occasion.

Everything has been left in another dimension after the disappearance of his son. His people hope that Ana Obregón resurfaces from her own pain and returns to push the helm of her life as she seems determined to do.

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