Ana Carrasco's most difficult race: hard fall, back surgery and goodbye to the season

Ana Carrasco's most difficult race: hard fall, back surgery and goodbye to the season

The Superbike world champion damaged two vertebrae and will be operated on in Barcelona.

Ana Carrasco's most difficult race: hard fall, back surgery and goodbye to the season

Ana Carrasco is the history of motorcycling. She was the first woman to win a world title. At the age of 21, in 2018, he managed to win the crown in the Supersport 300 category of the World Superbike. She did so after a dramatic outcome at the French Magny-Cours circuit , where she rallied from 25th to 13th to achieve the necessary point that proclaimed her champion ahead of Mika Pérez.

The Murcian is now going through a delicate moment. A few days ago, during a test at the Estoril circuit , she fractured two vertebrae, D4 and D6, when she was driving for the Provec Kawasaki team, of the Supersport 300 World Championship. She had to be admitted to the Sao Francisco hospital in Xavier, from Lisbon. A good fright.

This Tuesday, after being transferred to Barcelona, Carrasco announced that she will have to undergo a back surgery and that she will miss the entire season. “Definitely, this was not the plan for this week, my idea was to run the 'home race' at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and continue fighting for the championship, but hey, falls and injuries are part of my job as pilot “, admitted the one of Cehegín.

The operation will be carried out by Doctor Ubierna and her team, at the Dexeus Clinic in Barcelona and if everything evolves as planned in a few days, Ana will be able to start walking and in a few weeks to start isometric exercises, her team reports in a statement.

Dorsal spine fracture

“Ana, suffered a fall on a motorcycle while training at the Estoril circuit on Thursday, September 11, and when she entered the Dexeus Clinic last Friday, the 12th, a CT scan was performed and we observed a fracture of the thoracic spine, which partially affects the vertebra T3 and at the T4 and T6 levels affect the entire vertebral body causing a loss of height of approximately 50 percent “, explains Dr. Ubierna, specialist in traumatic spinal surgery.

“Magnetic resonance imaging was also performed to assess the neurological involvement and we detected a small displacement, about 2mm, at the T4 level that invades the bone canal but without affecting the spinal cord, so after evaluating it with Ana and her family environment and professional, the risk and benefit of the possible treatments are determined and it is deemed appropriate to perform surgery to stabilize the fractures and allow early mobilization “, adds the doctor.

“The surgery will be performed under control of the spinal function at all times and we estimate that if everything evolves as planned, in 48 hours she could start sitting and walking and the idea would be to authorize her to start isometric exercises after three weeks, although She estimates that within a period of three months she will be able to progressively incorporate into her professional activity and once the fractures have healed, the implanted titanium material is scheduled to be removed “, explains the doctor.

“For my part, the 2020 season is over and tomorrow I start my '2021 preseason', I want to thank all the people who have helped me these last five days and those who will do so in the coming months, they all already know who they are and I count on all of them for next year “, concluded Ana Carrasco in the statement.

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