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An X gender marker, but for only one person

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Around fifteen people asked the SAAQ to obtain the sex marker right. (Archive photo)

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The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) finds itself in a delicate position. Radio-Canada has learned that a non-binary person has just obtained a driving license with the sex marker X, a first in Quebec. However, the SAAQ refrains from making the change for other people who have made exactly the same request.

Arwyn Jordan Régimbal would normally have enough to rejoice.

A year and a half after taking the steps to have her gender identity written on her driver's license, this 23-year-old non-binary person finally obtained the document by mail last Wednesday.

It is nevertheless a feeling of injustice which inhabits him, because the other trans and non-binary people who are waiting for a corrected driving license in Quebec will not obtain it before 2025, as soon as possible.

It remains an attack on the dignity and ability of certain people to be equal members of society.

A quote from Arwyn Jordan Régimbal

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Arwyn Jordan Régimbal, 23, obtained a Quebec driving license with the gender marker X.

Recently, the SAAQ confirmed that before making any change to the sex marker on driving licenses, it will await the conclusions of the committee of wise people set up by the Legault government to study the questions relating to gender identity.

The case of Arwyn Jordan Régimbal is therefore an exception. The SAAQ declined our interview request, but by email, spokesperson Gino Desrosiers indicates that the Company acted in accordance with an out-of-court agreement.

Arwyn Jordan Régimbal confirms that he had taken legal action against the SAAQ to force it to write the correct gender marker on his driver's license.

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Since 2022, trans and non-binary people in Quebec can legally obtain the letter X rather than M or F on their civil status documents such as the birth or marriage certificate.

Government departments and agencies are, however, slow to adapt their own documents. The fact that the SAAQ has corrected only one driver's license so far, although it has received around fifteen requests on this subject, raises issues of equality, according to Arwyn Jordan Régimbal.

It is important to me that everyone in Quebec has the same rights to dignity, to be able to prove their identity using official documents.

A quote from Arwyn Jordan Régimbal< /blockquote>

The pronoun he, formed from the pronouns he and she, is used in this text to reflect gender identity ;Arwyn Jordan Régimbal.

The Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights (CDPDJ) agrees and recalls that Quebec is currently the only province not to allow the X marker on the driver's license.

We can only reiterate to the government the importance of acting quickly to allow the use of this marker to all people who request it, in line with the changes already in effect in civil status, indicated by email the communications advisor of the CDPDJ, Halimatou Bah.

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Since 2022, trans and non-binary people can obtain the sex marker moreover the Legault government, because it considers it insulting that the committee of wise men is used as a reason to delay the legal recognition [of gender identity] of certain citizens.

Last week, the minister responsible for the SAAQ, Geneviève Guilbault, affirmed that the work of the committee of wise men would make it possible to make more informed decisions on the subject of gender identity in light of what is happening here and elsewhere.

The sex marker ;Alexe Frédéric Migneault, a non-binary person who is fighting to obtain a health insurance card that reflects their gender identity.

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