An unusual concept for the construction of berths is used at the Ivankovskoye reservoir

An unusual concept for the construction of berths is used at the Ivankovskoye reservoir

A unique project in the village of Yekaterinovka on the Upper Volga allows avoiding a negative impact on spawning and preserving the natural contours of the banks when arranging berths for yachts and boats, writes National Geographic.

An unusual concept for the construction of berths is used at the Ivankovskoye reservoir

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The developer abandoned the earlier decision in order to implement the idea of a more costly, but environmentally friendly technology. With its use, individual berths for each house are created in the village. Five years ago it was planned to use screw piles here, but earthworks affect the fauna of the Ivankovskoye reservoir. In this regard, the developer LLC “Retail” decided to use floating reinforced concrete pontoons. This modern technology is more expensive, but its use does not harm nature as much as the use of piles, said the representative of the developer Yuri Korobov.

And according to the head of the department of state control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources of the Tver region Yuri Smirnov, piles must be driven every 1.5-2 m. This negatively affects the life of the reservoir, interfering with the migration of fish, destroying their habitats and feeding.

Next, about the other benefits of using greener technology. So, it allows you to keep the coast clear of ice in spring, prevent flooding of settlements. Taking into account the interesting feature of the Ivankovskoye reservoir, where the water level is constantly changing, this technology is more convenient. Since all watercraft are designed for a certain height of the berthing structure, an unsafe situation may arise when water falls and rises. Here floating pontoons will help out. For the winter they will be harvested for the winter and returned only after the end of the spawning period.

In situations where the owner of the floating craft decides to sell it, an unpleasant situation may arise: the pile berth may have to be dismantled. And it is not so easy to realize it, and it is almost impossible to sell it. Unlike a pontoon pier, which can be easily moved to another location. If necessary, you can even “take it with you.” For example, when moving to a new place of residence.

To date, over three hundred meters of eco-friendly berths have been installed in the water area of the Ivankovskoye reservoir. Up to a hundred small vessels can moor to them at once without causing damage to the life of the inhabitants of the river.

Since the creation of the village of Yekaterinovka in the Konakovsky district of the Tver region involves many berths and the accumulation of small vessels, in the near future the developer will develop a plan for safe traffic in this zone.

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