An unpleasant feature of the iPhone 12 revealed

An unpleasant feature of the iPhone 12 revealed

Cellular module mmWave 5G will be available only in the most expensive model iPhone 12 Pro Max

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An unpleasant feature of the iPhone 12 revealed

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The upcoming iPhone 12 lineup is on the way – Apple is already sending out invitations to an online press show. Just before the very announcement, an unpleasant feature of the new smartphones became known. It turned out that not all models will receive an ultra-fast mmWave 5G cellular communication module (millimeter-wave 5G broadband).

Only Apple's most expensive iPhone 12s will support the faster mmWave 5G, according to one mobile industry source who spoke with Fast Company. Probably we are talking about the iPhone 12 Pro Max, since its dimensions will allow accommodating the mmWave antenna, as well as a more capacious battery, which is necessary to compensate for its power consumption of the cellular module.

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Moreover, the source claims that the iPhone 12 with mmWave 5G support will only be sold in the US, Korea and Japan. For these countries, the spread of this model makes sense, since in other regions the deployment of 5G is weak, if not at all absent and is not even planned in the near future.

The rest of the iPhone 12s will also support 5G networks, but only Sub-6s, which have lower bandwidth and therefore lower speeds. Experts compare the 5G Sub-6 with improved 4G, not full 5G. US carrier Sprint promises mid-range 5G network will be six times faster than current LTE speeds, while UK EE promises 5G speeds between 100 and 150 Mbps.

It should be noted that 5G support is not a cheap pleasure. According to analysts, this will increase the cost of manufacturing one iPhone by an average of $ 100, or even all of $ 150.

Faced with higher manufacturing costs due to the inclusion of 5G hardware in the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple is trying to use less expensive components in other areas, according to analyst Min-Chi Ko. One of the biggest cost savings is believed to come from battery technology.

The experts, citing their own sources, state that Apple is placing fewer battery cells in a smaller area. According to Min-Chi Ko, this will allow Apple to reduce battery costs in the iPhone 12 by 40-50% compared to the battery in the iPhone 11 lineup. It is also reported that Apple is cutting battery costs for the third generation AirPods, which will be released in 2021. year.

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