An unknown rocket crashed into the moon

An unknown rocket crashed into the moon

An unknown rocket hit the moon

Photo: UnsplashRocket tracked by NASA in space since 2015, crashed into the Moon

No agency is monitoring the movement of space debris so far from Earth, which indicates an urgent need to closely monitor rocket debris in space, writes CNN.

Unidentified A rocket that NASA has been tracking in Earth orbit since 2015 crashed into the Moon. After that, a new double crater formed on the satellite of our planet, which was recorded by the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter. CNN reports this.

The space agency clarified that the first crater has a size of 18 meters, the second – 16 meters.

“This may indicate that the rocket had large masses at each end: typically, a spent rocket has its mass concentrated at the end of the engine, and the rest of the stage is mostly empty fuel tank”, – NASA explained.

They also noted that the fall of the rocket on the Moon was a surprise for experts.

NASA admitted that they could not identify the rocket that fell on the Earth's satellite.

According to the news agency, scientist Bill Gray, who specializes in orbital dynamics, was the first to notice the object and calculate its trajectory. He suggested it was a SpaceX Falcon rocket stage left over from a 2015 launch. However, Elon Musk denied this, and later the researcher admitted that he was mistaken.

The next assumption was the Chinese lunar mission of 2014. in turn, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies that this is a launch vehicle from the Chang'e-5 mission and claims that the remains of their rocket burned up during entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

“NASA experts do not assume whose is this, such a heavy rocket crashed into the moon, leaving on it craters comparable in size to other known craters & # 8221;, & # 8211;
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