An out-of-control Tesla killed two people in China

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The driver was attempting to park his Model-Y when the vehicle sped for two kilometers, colliding with two motorcycles and two bicycles

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A 55-year-old man identified as Zhan was involved in a fatal accident in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, south China,< /b> when he lost control of his Tesla car, leaving two dead and three injured. While the authorities investigate the incident, Elon Musk's company assured that it will collaborate in the inquiries.

The incident, which occurred on November 5, resulted in the death of a motorcyclist and a high school student, according to the Jimu News chain, which published a video showing how a cautious Tesla Model-Y speeds totally out of control and crashes into other vehicles and a cyclist.

“Police are currently looking for an agency third-party evaluation to identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide any necessary assistance,” the electric vehicle manufacturer promised Reuters controversy grows.

China is Tesla's second-biggest market, and the accident – and a possible software glitch-< /b> was one of the top trending topics on the social media platform Weibo on Sunday.

Local traffic police reported that the cause of the incident in Chaozhou city still She has not been identified but relatives of the driver involved assured that he had problems with the brake pedalas he was about to park in front of his family store.

A runaway Tesla killed two people in China

A motorcyclist and a high school student died in the accident< p class="paragraph">In the images you can see the moment the driver tries to park his Model-Y car. But he immediately loses control and starts speeding for two kilometers, crashing into two motorcycles and two bicycles.

Zhan's family is still waiting for the results of the vehicle's inspection.

Tesla said that the videos show that the car's brake lights were not on when it was going at full speed and that its data they showed problems such as the brakes not being applied during the entire travel of the vehicle.

For their part, the traffic police ruled out the possibility that Zhan was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, saying the vehicle would be tested.

A Weibo user, identified as Zhanqiubi, and listed as a relative of the owner of the Tesla involved, said Zhan was unable to park because the brake pedal “was hard and was unable to stop the vehicle after pressing the park button.” As the car started, it suddenly began to accelerate and could no longer brake.

An out-of-control Tesla killed two people in China

Tesla, Elon Musk's company , said it will cooperate with Chinese authorities (REUTERS/Aly Song)

The Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation reported on Weibo on November 7 that a Tesla owner, identified as Jing, in Nanjing, from Jiangsu, east China, also lost control of his electric car for about 1.8 kilometers and was forcibly braked by touching roadsides and the bridge.

The Tesla center in Nanjing stated that the top speed reached 150 kilometers per hour during the accident, and that the electric switch was stepped on without brakes, while Jing stressed that he had stepped on the brakes.

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