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An organization denounces the slow processing of files

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The coordinator of Action populaire Rimouski-Neigette, Michel Dubé. (Archive photo)

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The coordinator of Action populaire Rimouski-Neigette, Michel Dubé, denounces the slow processing of humanitarian files in the office of the MP for Rimouski, Maïté Blanchette Vézina.

Michel Dubé says he must regularly seek help from the office of the Member of Parliament for Rimouski in order to facilitate the link with the office of the Minister responsible for Social Solidarity and Community Action, Chantal Rouleau. They have access that I don't have, he explains.

He deplores response times that are too long for his customers waiting for last resort financial assistance. Mr. Dubé cites as an example a social assistance application file for which he requested help from the local MP's office on January 5. I obtained the information on January 25, but the matter has not yet been resolved, he says.

For humanitarian reasons, when I communicate with the MP's office, it It's because I need rapid intervention. And there, my requests for intervention showed me incredible slowness.

A quote from Michel Dubé, coordinator of Action populaire Rimouski-Neigette

He adds that these files are nevertheless urgent. These are humanitarian causes. These are people who have nothing left, who are starving, who have not paid their rent, who are afraid of being evicted. People are nervous. It affects anxiety and people’s mental health, explains Mr. Dubé.

The coordinator of Action populaire Rimouski-Neigette believes that the MP should hire an additional person to ensure faster follow-up. There seems to be a shortage of manpower inside the MP's office, he believes.

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He specifies that the situation was different at the time of Harold LeBel, who was MP for the Rimouski constituency from 2014 to 2020. Mr. Lebel was very involved in the issues. There was someone dedicated to more humanitarian causes than I have to deal with, he said.

Michel Dubé said he met the MP and her team in August to discuss the issue of homelessness and the need to relaunch a soup kitchen project in Rimouski. We're now in February and I don't have the impression that things have progressed much. And I don't have the impression that the MP's office plays a leader role in these issues, unfortunately, adds Mr. Dubé.

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The MP for Rimouski and Minister of Natural Resources and Forests ensures that her team handles each file efficiently. (File photo)

The MP and Minister for the Coalition Avenir Québec says she is surprised by this position. We want the transmission belt to be proactive and efficient. And my team knows that it’s the priority to find solutions, she explains.

These are files that are complex most of the time, when it comes on my desk as an MP.

A quote from Maïté Blanchette Vézina, MP for Rimouski and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

I can assure you that we treat each file with all proactivity, efficiency, and the greatest concern, knowing that these are situations that are really difficult for these people, adds Ms. Blanchette-Vézina .

The member specifies that after verification, Mr. Dubé has the contacts to directly contact Minister Rouleau's office.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Regarding the relaunch of a soup kitchen in Rimouski, the minister confirms being involved in the matter, while specifying that it is not the MP who will set up a soup kitchen.

We have meetings with the Tree of Life, with different organisms because the idea being that it is taken care of by a local community organization. We will be there to support when there is a project that will emerge, she assures.

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