An old woman from the UK complained about the excessive sexual activity of her young Egyptian husband. The story of an 83-year-old woman was published by one of the local publications.

An old woman from the UK complained about Egyptian husband's excessive sexual activity

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This love affair began with a correspondence between a British woman and an Egyptian on social networks. The elderly woman then went to her beloved in Cairo, where she even converted to Islam to prove to the man the seriousness of her intentions. The adult sons did not accept the changes in their mother's life, but the problems were eventually resolved. In 2020, an old woman from the UK married an Egyptian who is 46 years her junior. The man recently received a British visa. After moving to the beloved, the couple began a stormy sex life. Beloved ones told on social networks that they were incredibly happy and shared many details, sometimes shocking their subscribers.

After time, the candy-bouquet period ended in a couple. The relationship between an elderly British woman and a 37-year-old Egyptian became calmer, but living together did not change the man’s desire to regularly have sex with his beloved woman. According to an elderly British woman, her husband wants her more often than she wants him, and she periodically needs a break from lovemaking. In addition, the woman has very sensitive skin. During intercourse with her husband, irritation appears on her. For this reason, the lady is either in the emergency room, or turns to the doctors.

According to the 83-year-old British woman, she and her husband continue to work on their relationship. Sometimes a woman is annoyed by her beloved husband. At the same time, the spouses try to discuss the existing problems and get rid of irritation. The main secret of their happiness lovers consider the acceptance of differences, which they do not make the center of the relationship.



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