An Iranian city canceled face-to-face classes to try to curb anti-regime protests

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Khash, in the east of the country, is the scene of protests against the theocratic regime that began after the arrest and subsequent death of the young Mahsa Amini a hands of the Moral Police

An Iranian city canceled face-to-face classes to try to stop protests against the regime

A group of people lights a bonfire during a protest over the death of Mahsa Amini , in Tehran, Iran, on September 21, 2022. WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS/File

The Iranian authorities confirmed the cancellation of face-to-face classes this Saturday in the schools and institutes of the city of Khash, in the east of the country, and denied that the aforementioned city had been controlled by demonstrators protesting .

The director of Education of the city of Khash, Abdolvahab Shahnavaz, indicated that “after yesterday's incidents and riots in this city, all schools and rural and urban institutes will be carried out virtuallyin both morning and afternoon shifts,” reported the local Iranian news agency ISNA.

Yesterday's anti-government protests in Khash, located in the province of Sistan Baluchestan, began after Friday prayers, and ended with clashes between protesters and security agents.

The governor of Khash, Sahebgol Salehi, reported that “the rioter attack to seize the Khash governor's building failed” due to the efforts of the security forces.

An Iranian city canceled in-person classes face-to-face classes to try to stop the protests against the regime

A newspaper with a cover image of Mahsa Amini, in Tehran, Iran. September 18, 2022. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS/File

The Ministry of Agriculture office was burned down, as well as a police kiosk and several banks in the city of Khash, according to the local Iranian news agency Tasnim.

Several protesters, including a child , were injured by shots, according to unverified videos posted on social media by activists and journalists.

These images show that the demonstrators, while shouting “death to the dictator”, help the wounded who are wearing bloody clothes and transfer them in cars to be treated.

Iran has been the scene ofprotestssince the death on September 16 of the young Mahsa Aminiafter being detained three days earlier by the Moral Police for wearing the Islamic veil wrongly. The mobilizations call for the end of the Islamic Republic.

The protests are mainly led by young people and women shouting “Woman, life, freedom!” who launch slogans against the theocratic regime and burn Islamic veils, one of the symbols of the Islamic Republic and something unthinkable until recently.

An Iranian city canceled in-person classes to try to curb anti-regime protests

Protesters chant at a vigil for Mahsa Amini at Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology in Tehran, Iran, in this screenshot from a social media video posted on October 26, 2022 and obtained by REUTERS/File

In recent days, protests and police repression have intensified in several cities, through mourning ceremonies called “chehelom” that are held 40 days after the death of a person and are currently gathering protesters to commemorate those who died in the police repression, which the authorities try to prevent by force.

The 40th day after the death of someone has great symbolism in Shiite Islam< /b> and is marked by public mourning. Commemorating the deaths of protesters has given momentum to ongoing demonstrations, just as it did during the 1979 revolutionthat toppled a Western-backed monarchy.

At least 108 people have been killedin the protests, according to the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights, bringing numerous 40-day ceremonies to the fore in the coming weeks, potentially sparking new protests and new commemorations.

Thursday, Iranian protesters were repressed by the regime's police, in a city near Tehran.

The protesters had gathered in Karaj, on the outskirts of Tehran, to mark the 40th day since the death of Hadis Najafi, 22, one of several young women killed at shot during the protests. The demonstrations were sparked by the death of another woman detained by the regime's Moral Police.

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