An injured mother caught the player with a young blonde in Sweden. The facts would not be as believed.

An injured mother caught the player with a young blonde in Sweden. The facts would not be as believed.

Days go by and the world does not take its eyes off the separation process between soccer player Gerard Piqué and singer Shakira.

In addition to the fact that the couple was considered one of the most solid in the world of celebrities, the rumor of an alleged infidelity has been added to the majority interest. However, this has not been confirmed.

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The last point of the scandal was realized due to a viral image on social networks that shows the Barcelona player, in a discreet profile, embracing a blonde woman in Stockholm, Sweden.

Now, when the photo is the epicenter of all kinds of accusations, the author of the image decided to break her silence. Everything, to explain that behind that image there was a dose of 'revenge'.

The 'revenge' photo

An injured mother caught the player with a young blonde girl in Sweden. The facts would not be as believed.

As it has been known, the person in charge of taking the photo was the Swedish blogger and businesswoman Katrin Zytomierska.

Zytomierska explained in an entertainment podcast that the scene took place in a bar in Stockholm in which several celebrities were cited and the musical group Swedish House Mafia stole all the attention.

When sharing the photo on her Instagram account, the renowned Swedish woman wrote referring to Piqué:

“Listen, loser: probably all the girls at the party wanted to fuck you, but when I saw you I only thought of my son and went straight to you. I asked you to say hello and take a picture. You told me not. But why?”.

“Because you're a guy who can dribble the ball? That Do not Impress Me Much. The sad thing is that fame has gone to your head and that's pathetic.You're just a guy with a ball. I myself have a boy with a ball. But you know what? Karma is fucked up and the damn cunt will bite you…”, he finished.

In the last few hours, Zytomierska commented on a talk with the international photographer Bingo Rimer, who at that party Piqué was one of the calmest. In addition, he said that the image had been taken out of an impulse of “revenge” for the refusal of his request. Even so, he stated that he could not ensure that the woman is the player's new partner, as some media they have taken for granted.

So far, Gerard Piqué has not commented on their separation process and the rumors that are swarming on the Internet.

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