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An incident between a truck and strikers occur in Beauport

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The incident occurred while teachers were picketing at the La Seigneurie secondary school, in Beauport.

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An incident occurred Tuesday morning between a motorist and members of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) who were picketing near the school secondary school of La Seigneurie, in the Beauport sector.

In a video posted on social media by a striker, we see a van driving on a vacant lot located near the secondary school. The video begins when the van is already on the vacant lot.

The incident occurred while teachers were picketing at La Seigneurie secondary school in Beauport.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) confirms having intervened around 9:30 a.m., but says it has not received any official complaint. No charges were filed and no one was injured. However, a file was opened.

The SPVQ confirms that the driver of the truck did not drive into any striker.

According to the police, since he had concerns the grounds of the high school, it is possible that a complaint for misdeed may be filed by the Premières-Seigneuries School Service Center.

LoadingQuebec will make a new offer to teachers shortly

ELSEWHERE ON INFO: Quebec will make a new offer to teachers shortly

At the time of writing these lines, the school service center has not responded to our interview request.

Radio-Canada attempted to contact the company that owns the vehicle, without success for the moment.

However, the company Turcotte-1989 Inc defended itself in a publication which is no longer available on social networks.

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In a publication that is no longer available, the company defends itself by saying that teachers attacked the employee.

We have become aware of the incident at La Seigneurie secondary school which we will however not comment on other than in informing you that we will collaborate in any investigation related to this incident, reacted the SERQ-FAE.

The union adds that teacher protests and picketing are legal and peaceful.

We are not protest professionals, but many education professionals. We have the support of the population and we continue to demand better working conditions for teachers and better learning conditions for students, concludes the union.

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