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The ideal solution for hot countries. In France, they created a glass that transmits light, but not heat

Scientists from the University of Notre Dame have developed an innovative window coating, which blocks thermal and infrared radiation, as well as transmits visible light at any angle of inclination of the sun.

This technological solution will not only improve indoor comfort, but and significantly reduce cooling costs in  hot climate.

The study, published in the journal Cell Reports Physical Science, was presented by Professor Tengfei Luo and his research associate Songmin Kim. They developed an ultra-thin coating consisting of silica, aluminum oxide and titanium oxide applied to a glass base. This covering is able to reduce the temperature inside the room by 5.4−7.2 degrees Celsius.

The main advantage of the new window coating is its ability to maintain efficiency regardless of the position of the sun in the sky. This property provides constant protection from unwanted heat throughout the day, which makes it an ideal solution for use in hot climatic conditions.

To achieve an optimal combination of visible light transmission and thermal radiation blocking, scientists used quantum computing and quantum annealing. This approach allowed them to create a coating that remains transparent and effective even at different angles.

The coating can be applied to already existing windows or used in automotive, making it a versatile solution for various fields of application. . In addition to reducing cooling costs, it also improves indoor comfort and improves the energy efficiency of buildings. Luo and Kim's research opens up new perspectives in the field of developing materials with unique properties and enables to create more effective and innovative technologies to improve the quality of life.

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