An Iberia flight that was going from Madrid to New York landed in an emergency in Canada

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One ​​of the Airbus A330 engines reportedly failed in mid-Atlantic and issued a “mayday” distress alert

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An Iberia flight going from Madrid to New York landed in an emergency in Canada

Iberia flight diverted

A flight from Madrid to New York had to emergency landingon Saturday in Halifax (Canada) after presenting mechanical problems.

The incident, reported by the @novedadesaereas account, occurred in an Iberia Airbus A330 that was crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

According to that profile, the plane declared the distress call “mayday”, although it later landed safely.

Apparently, the reason was the failure of one of the two engines, although this information was not confirmed by Iberia.

The crew would have been forced to divert to Halifax.

The route shown by the FlightRadar24 portal shows that the diversion started about halfway through the transatlantic flight, so the plane passed several hours suspended from adverse conditions.

A user identified as Rich Lafferty on Twitter assured that he was on that flight and that the landing was successful with a single engine. For its part, the portal Preferente quoted another passenger who stated that the landing was “spectacular” and praised the pilot.

The spokeswoman for the international airport of Halifax Stanfield, Tiffany Chase, confirmed that emergency personnel were prepared to respond to any mishap, but their intervention was not necessary. In a message sent to the Canadian portal Global News, he avoided giving details of what happened: “We do not speak on behalf of the airlines, so I cannot confirm the nature of the declared emergency, other than that it was it was a diversion related to a mechanical problem.”

In turn, Preferente informed that, according to Iberia, the fault could not be fixed and it was decided accommodate passengers in hotels and look for alternatives to reach their final destination. Finally, they were able to travel with direct flights or with stops in Boston or Philadelphia.

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