An explosion of bright star Betelgeuse is delayed – the

Scientists have found that caused a sharp drop of the luminosity, and it was not a harbinger of the explosion

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Взрыв яркой звезды Бетельгейзе откладывается – найдена причина

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Betelgeuse is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. At the end of 2019 happened to her to happen something strange star began to fade. In December, astronomers announced that the star Betelgeuse, most likely, will very soon explode and become a supernova epic. New research has revealed that scientists were wrong – the explosion will not. The results of the research, the scientists published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

The change in luminance over time of red supergiants is quite common. But the drop of the luminosity of Betelgeuse was so dramatic that the researchers decided that there must be something unusual.

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Further investigation star in February of this year showed that it has faded almost 64%, dropping to 36% of its usual brightness. This difference was enough to be seen with the naked eye even at a distance of 500 light years. The researchers then suggested that these changes may be caused by the dust cloud ejected from the star and blocks its light, or what is wrong with the stellar surface can create changes in brightness.

New research has shown that the strange behavior of Betelgeuse is due to temperature fluctuations in the lower atmosphere of a star caused by spots on the star. Star like spots on the sun – dark spots that appear temporarily on the sun’s surface magnetic fields and cause a solar flare. These stellar spots covered from 50% to 70% of the entire surface of Betelgeuse, causing the Orb began to emit much less light.

Взрыв яркой звезды Бетельгейзе откладывается – найдена причина

Betelgeuse, covered with huge dark spots in the representation of the artist

“Towards the end of their life stars tend to become red giants. As soon as the amount of fuel they are running out of change the processes of synthesis, by which stars release energy. As a result, they swell up, become unstable and pulsate with periods of hundreds or even thousands of days that we see fluctuations in the brightness,” explained lead author Tavisha of Dharmawardena from the Institute of astronomy. Max Planck.

“Older” Betelgeuse has grown to size 1000 times bigger than our Sun, while its mass is more just 20 times. Due to the small mass at the huge size of the weak gravity is sometimes not able to hold atmosphere, forming a region of cold gas and dust with different temperatures across the surface, which reduce the brightness of the stars in General.

However, the question remains: will Betelgeuse continue to fade or will be renewal the brightness. Scientists have found that sunspots on our Sun follow an 11-year cycle, but scientists are not sure if there are similar cycles in the giant stars.

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