An evening full of humor in Quebec

An evening full of humor in Quebec

Despite a current difficult context for the entertainment world, humor made Quebec vibrate even in homes, Thursday evening, with two virtual evenings presented from the capital.

On the Sainte-Foy side, PA Méthot and his guests Maxim Martin, Mélanie Ghanimé, Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques, Réal Béland and Mario Tessier virtually inaugurated the brand new ComediHa! Club. Various humorous events will also be scheduled every week on ComediHa.TV, pending a real return to theaters.

On the stage of the Capitol, the duo Jean-Michel Anctil and Véronique Claveau had concocted a nice gala on the tone of teasing. The premise? Véronique Claveau wanted to get rid of her sidekick to liven up the evening on her own.

Thus, with flashy costumes and various tactics, such as landing on stage with five puppies or a motorcycle, Jean-Michel Anctil tried to seduce the public. Véronique Claveau, she was the perfect accomplice by responding with her many talents.

In a collective number to which Pierre Brassard and Pier-Luc Pomerleau were added, we were treated to tasty imitations. Once again, Véronique Claveau shone, among others with her Pénélope McQuade. Jean-Michel Anctil? Filled with good will, he was only able, jokingly, of course, to imitate his own characters.

Throughout the second part, Véronique Claveau tried to find a new vocation for her partner who has repeatedly said in the media that he was “retiring”. Without ever being afraid of ridicule, he tried to become a gardener with the colorful Marthe Laverdière, dancer with Émily Bégin, dog trainer and cannon man.

Animals, comfort and suppository

We were spoiled in the chapter of the guests. With his talents as a storyteller, Guillaume Pineault brought us to life, almost as if we were there, the time when he used a clove of garlic as a suppository to find his voice. Korine Côté then imagined the future of a child “who will become an adult of must” because he drives a miniature Porsche in the park. A brilliant number on looking good.

As a duo, Fabien Cloutier and Katherine Levac we made a surge of milk on pets other than cats and dogs. “I don’t know anyone normal who has a snake”, admitted Fabien Cloutier, who also finds that “if you have a goldfish after the age of four and a half, your life is going nowhere”.

It was good to find Guillaume Wagner’s shrewd gaze, “happy to be anywhere these days”, because being at home too often, he realized that he did not know how to do anything. Motivated in his laziness, he cited several examples of how dangerous it was to fall into comfort.

The hilarious Christine Morency almost made us laugh to tears as she told how she got rid of a bat in her room at Château Frontenac. In conclusion, comedian Franky was one of those who got the most laughs in the room with his completely absurd lines.


Rachid Badouri hosts a ComediHa Gala! Friday evening, 8 p.m., on the ComediHa.TV platform.

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