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An enthusiast showed the “loneliest place on Earth”: where it is located

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Enthusiast showed "the loneliest place on Earth": where it is located

The loneliest place on Earth is called Nemo Point/freepik

The astonishing fact that the loneliest place on Earth is closer to astronauts than any human on the planet has left TikTok users absolutely stunned. p>

Point Nemo, named after the submarine sailor from Jules Verne's novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, is the most distant oceanic point on Earth and is so far from civilization that the closest humans are the ones orbiting above us on the International Space Station, writes the Daily Star.

TikTok nature enthusiast “Psychopoly” shocked the network: “It's strange to think about it, but if you were there alone, the closest people would be the astronauts on To the International Space Station, which is located 258 miles from us”.

He also pointed to total isolation, saying: “If you needed help, the nearest people would take 15 days to get to you (by boat), which is the equivalent of traveling two-thirds of the way across the United States.”


The blogger did not stop there: he said that Nemo point is located near the place where the famous mysterious sound “Bloop” was discovered, which gave rise to theories about the splitting of icebergs or a huge unidentified sea creature.

The viral video garnered more than five million views and caused a wave of reaction. One user exclaimed: “I don't even want to think about it,” while another vowed: “I'll never go there alone, if I ever do.”

Here's where the loneliest place is located on Earth: watch the video

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Others shared their own creepy thoughts, with one user commenting: “Almost 80% of the entire ocean is unexplored, there is something there, I know it.” Another mused, “It's mind boggling to think about.”

In 2022, it was revealed that NASA is considering decommissioning the International Space Station by plunging it into the ocean within the next decade. The space agency plans to remove the laboratory from orbit in January 2031, sending it to the “spacecraft graveyard” – the Nemo point itself.

Meanwhile, earlier this year the 62-year-old researcher Harrogate's Chris Brown made headlines as the first person to reach Point Nemo. Together with their 30-year-old son Mika, the duo swam to the pole in just nine days, after which they shared their journey on social networks.

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