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An enthusiast created a special map to find the cheapest Big Mac in the US

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

An enthusiast created a special map to find the cheapest Big Mac in the US< /p> On the map you can find the cheapest Big Mac/freepik

As many McDonald's customers complain about high prices, a British analyst created a map. All to find the cheapest and most expensive Big Macs across America.

The app, called McCheapest, “tracks Big Mac prices at every McDonald's location across America,” according to on his website, writes Metro.

Sasha Fournier's map contains countless points throughout the United States, marked with different colors: from green for the lowest prices to orange and red for the highest.

It asks the question, “How much is your Big Mac worth?” and allows users to hover over each point and click to see the location, price and date of last update.

The map shows a clear breakdown by the center of the country, where the eastern part has a higher concentration of McDonald's establishments compared to the western part.

On the right, many green dots appear in the Midwest, as well as the South and Southeast. There are lots of orange and red dots in the northeast.

Meanwhile, the left half of the US map is a jumble of multi-colored dots. The highest concentration of McDonald's is found in California, where green and orange dots are combined, as well as red, but not as many as in the Northeast. Clusters of red dots are also scattered across Arizona and surrounding states.

An enthusiast created a special map to find the cheapest Big Mac in the US

Cheapest Big Mac in Stigler, Oklahoma/Map Screenshot

Cheapest Big Mac $3.49 in town Stigler, Oklahoma State. The most expensive is a whopping $8.09 in Lee, Massachusetts.

McCheapest is part of the Pantry & Larder project, which offers expert cooking tips and recipes. The card's use comes amid a recent wave of complaints from fans of the fast-food chain about price gouging.

In January, a McDonald's customer shared a receipt showing he was charged $7.29 for an egg muffin. > And last year, a McDonald's franchise chain in Fairfield County, Connecticut, charged $18 for a Big Mac.

McDonald's management promised to lower prices amid backlash. But relief comes more in the form of in-app promotions and discounts. In Great Britain, the chain reduced the prices of Big Macs and other dishes for one day in February.

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