An elected official from Saguenay denounces the maintenance of public transport in the evening

An elected official from Saguenay denounces the maintenance of public transport in the evening

The municipal councilor and president of the Finance Committee of the City of Saguenay, Michel Potvin, denounces the decision of the Société de Transports de Saguenay (STS) to maintain its services in the evening, despite the curfew.

“Even before the curfew, there is never anyone on these buses after 6 pm,” he said. Do you think that an essential worker, that a nurse will take the bus at 9 pm to go home after having made a figure of 16 hours? ”

He also thinks that the organization’s budget should be reduced.

Michel Potvin even wants to make it an electoral issue even if he has still not confirmed his candidacy for mayor of Saguenay in the next municipal elections.

“I think there is good in STS, but efficiency, that, everyone is due to that, he said. It is the city that is 100 percent responsible for the deficit so we have to be responsible to our citizens and here we are not. ”

The chairman of the organization’s board of directors, city councilor Marc Pettersen, is not surprised by his colleague’s reaction.

“He’s been in office for three years and he’s been planting the STS for three years,” he said sorry.

Marc Pettersen has no intention of compromising on a service he considers essential.

“There are a lot of people in the upper management of the City who drive around in BMWs. These people don’t want public transit. They do not care. All they want is to cut and it’s the same at the finance committee, he said. We don’t close the rinks at night because there are fewer people. It is a public service just like the STS. ”

His colleague and vice-president of the STS, Jean-Marc Crevier, admits that public transport is very expensive, but for him, this is not a sufficient reason to demand less services.

“We are the only city in Quebec where public transport has no or hardly any agreement with the school boards,” he said. We may have part of the solution there. ”

He invites Michel Potvin to submit his ideas to the STS, but also to the city council to discuss them immediately and not only during the next election campaign.

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