An elected American calls for an investigation on the social network Parler

An elected American calls for an investigation on the social network Parler

The chairman of a parliamentary committee on Thursday asked the FBI to investigate the role played by the social network Parler in the invasion of the Capitol on January 6 by supporters of Donald Trump, when the platform was virtually banned from internet by digital giants.

FBI must determine if Parler “facilitated the planning and encouragement of violence”, if it “harbors key user-published evidence” and if it could “have been used by foreign governments that may fund unrest. civilians in the United States, ”wrote Carolyn Maloney, Democratic chair of the House of Representatives committee of inquiry.

In her letter she also asks the director of the FBI to examine the company’s finances and its ties to Russia.

Talking is in particular in business with the Russian company DDos-Guard, according to a statement sent Tuesday to AFP by the latter. The Russian group, however, did not specify the nature of these services.

The conservative social network has stopped working since Amazon banned it from using its computer servers, but it has partially “reappeared thanks to Russian hosting services,” said the commission’s statement.

Two weeks ago, hundreds of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol and halted Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

“Many users of Parler have been arrested and charged with threatening elected officials or for their participation in the attack,” the statement said.

The event made traditional social networks take radical measures, accused of having served as a base for admirers of the former president. Facebook, Twitter and others have suspended the Republican billionaire’s account indefinitely and set out to purge their services of conspiratorial users and references to so-called US election rigging.

Apple and Google have withdrawn the Parler network from their application download platforms, because of its too lax, or even non-existent, moderation of content that incites violence. Amazon kicked it out of its servers for the same reasons, this latest decision being sued by Parler.

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