Eight-year-old Lvivian collected over a million hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces

Eight-year-old Lviv man collected over a million hryvnias for the needs of the ZSU

8-year-old Lviv man Yury Napora collected over 1 million hryvnias with street concerts million hryvnias for the Armed Forces.

The boy studies at the “Dudaryk” choir school and decided to use his talent for charity. Together with his father, he tours various cities of the Lviv region, where he gives street concerts and collects funds, with which volunteers buy ammunition for Ukrainian defenders.

The boy sings patriotic songs. Among them are both modern and insurgent, folk ones. His father accompanies him on the synthesizer. The family has already given more than 40 concerts in various towns of the region.

One fine day Yura says: we have to go. We decided to go to Mostysk, where no one knew us. Well, so that there is no shame in the event of a fiasco,” recalls the volunteer's father, Nazar Napora.

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