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An American startup has invented a new device for those who work from home

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

American startup invented a new device for those who work from home

New device/MoveMate

A new device was invented in the USA for those who work from home – a special MoveMate board. It consists of wave motion rails that allow your body to move even while working.

The new invention is announced on the company website.

Enthusiastic about sports and immersed in design , the developer of the device Ali grew up a fitness enthusiast and became an industrial designer. Long periods of sitting and standing at the computer led to familiar feelings of fatigue, discomfort and pain.

Ali needed something to get him up and moving more often, rather than standing still, without disrupting his workflow. That's why he started a design project that later turned into the Movemate, with over 40 prototypes.

We needed a workable way to overcome the pain and fatigue of we sat at the table all day, the website says.

Ali introduced Sohail, the first user of the invention, to Movemate when he was working a demanding desk job while undergoing rehabilitation from a lower-body injury.

Movemate helped him maintain better energy and focus throughout the day. It also helped prevent discomfort in the hips, back and neck. As a bonus, Movemate allowed him to finally follow his physical therapist's constant advice to sit less and move more throughout the day.

Movemate is for anyone who sits at a desk all day. It's for those who are active and want to transition their active lifestyle into their desk-based workday, as well as those who aren't otherwise active and want to take steps toward an active lifestyle, starting where movement is most limited, it says. Online.

Movemate helped change the way Sohail worked so much that he was convinced to quit his job and join Ali to take it to the world.

The device consists of wave motion rails that allow movement your body even while working. Its cost is $359.

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