An ambulance driver from the Kharkiv region in the occupation transmitted the coordinates of the hostile positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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An ambulance driver from the Kharkiv region transmitted coordinates of hostile positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Alexander Kovsharev, an ambulance driver from Kharkiv region, spent 72 days in the occupation. Hiding in a destroyed house, he transmitted information about the positions of the Russians, according to .ua.

Having been injured, he and his wife walked to the doctors for help. Not waiting for the end of rehabilitation, he again got behind the wheel of an ambulance.

On February 24, he could not get to the place of work on Severnaya Saltovka, because from the very first hours of the invasion, his village was occupied.

  – I woke up on the morning of February 24, and they were already walking the streets, – Alexander said.

His colleagues left for calls under the shelling of Gradov and artillery. Worked at Severnaya Saltovka while substation ​​they weren’t evacuated to another place due to the missing connection. Neither they could call, nor them.

But Alexander Kovsharev, remaining in the occupied territory, did not waste time.

From his dilapidated house, he transmitted information about the positions of the infidels. Russian self-propelled guns stood right on their street. Here and now in front of the houses – a bunch of boxes from under the ammunition, next to – a civilian car was wrecked. From Russian Tishki, as well as from other occupied suburbs, the Russians shelled Kharkov.

On its street in Russian Tishki there is not a single surviving house.  The husband shows what is left of his estate.

 – Here is the cellar, the kitchen. Everything here was littered with everything.

Several times they got into his capital house with concrete floors. The house could not stand it. The first was back in April.< /p>

 – That's when the wreath was knocked out, I started laying it, but it still knocked out later, – says the man.

In May, the infidels were driven away from here, and then from the Kharkiv region. But they began to shell the liberated village.

During one of the shelling, Alexander and his wife was injured. Alexander has one shell breakage damaged his kidney, liver, and the second – leg. They called an ambulance, but could not contact. Then the spouses, bleeding, went out onto the track to get help.

After the treatment, Alexander did not expect the end of rehabilitation, but again got behind the wheel ambulances and delivers doctors to those in need of medical care. But housing needs to be rebuilt. Oleksandr's son is also working. He drives reanimobiles to Ukraine from Europe and helps parents save to a new house.

The Kovsharevs rent housing in Kharkov. There are many such homeless people at their substation, especially among those who lived in the suburbs of Kharkov.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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