An alternative to imprisonment: a new method of punishment will appear in Ukraine

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An alternative to imprisonment: a new method of punishment will appear in Ukraine

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In half a year, a new method of punishment will be introduced in Ukraine — probation supervision. It will become an alternative to restriction or deprivation of liberty. This is reported by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

It is noted that the parliament adopted Law No. 9185, according to which certain criminal offenses will be punished by probation supervision.

Probation supervision

strong> – this is a punishment in the form of restriction of the rights and freedoms of the convict, defined by law and established by the court verdict, with the use of supervisory and social-educational measures without isolation from society.

Probation supervision can be appointed for a period of one to five years . In the event that the convict does not fulfill the duties established by the court during his stay on probation — he may have his freedom restricted for a period of up to 3 years.

It will become one of the main types of punishment, on a par with restriction or deprivation of liberty, at the same time it may be an alternative to them.

As explained in department, this punishment is possible in case of:

  • avoidance of payment of alimony,
  • disclosure of bank secrets,
  • domestic violence,
  • forcing to engage in sexual intercourse.

There are more than 140 such items in total.

"The punishment will be carried out without isolation from society, but with a number of duties, for failure of which a more severe punishment may be applied", – the message says.

The law will enter into force 6 months from the day following its publication.

Prepared by Serhiy Daga