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An alleged bitcoin thief repatriated to the country by the SPVM

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Djuliano Jovanovic, also identified as Vukasin Popovic, is accused of having participated in a major cryptocurrency theft in 2020.

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An alleged cryptocurrency thief was repatriated to Canada after an extradition request made by the Montreal City Police Service (SPVM), thus putting an end to a run of more than three years outside of the country.

Djuliano Jovanovic (also known by several identities, including Vukasin Popovic) is accused of stealing millions of dollars in American currency , on January 19, 2020, to two American tourists during a bitcoin transaction which allegedly took place in a hotel in downtown Montreal.

The 37-year-old Serbian national would have stolen, with two other accomplices also from Europe, these millions of dollars in cryptocurrency using an encrypted key, although secured with a code.

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Millions of dollars in American currency, in the form of bitcoins, were allegedly stolen by the accused and two accomplices in January 2020, in Montreal.

Quickly, the alleged fraudulent scheme was the subject of a complaint to the SPVM. The criminal investigation quickly allowed the three suspects to be arrested before they returned to their respective countries.

The February 12, 2020, the trio of suspects appeared at the Montreal courthouse to face charges of theft, fraud and conspiracy at the Montreal courthouse.

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Jovanovic and his two Serbian and French co-accused, Yvon Petrovic and David Mercier, had were able to obtain their release under several conditions, including the obligation to wear a GPS bracelet.

At the time, the SPVM specified that investigators feared, among other things, that Jovanovic would flee internationally to escape Canadian justice.

Time will have proven them right. Djuliano Jovanovic managed to cut off his GPS bracelet one month after his release in order to flee the country.

According to the SPVM, Jovanovic's run first began in the United States, from where he took a plane to Romania. However, he was intercepted in France, where his flight made a stopover, after the French authorities received an international wanted notice issued by the SPVM.

He was then sent back to Italy, where he also faced other criminal charges. During legal proceedings in another case, he again managed to flee.

Targeted by an Interpol red notice, he was found and arrested in 2022, while trying to subtly enter French territory. Since then, the fugitive was still in detention in France, so that the SPVM could complete its extradition procedures to bring him back before Canadian justice.

The alleged international thief is therefore back in Canada to face, this time, charges of theft, fraud, receiving stolen property, identity theft and laundering the proceeds of crime.

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