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An Action Plan to combat homelessness à Longueuil

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The action plan is intended to complement the Housing Strategy of the City of Longueuil in its fight against homelessness.


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The mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, unveiled on Monday the municipal reference framework as well as the Action Plan to combat homelessness 2024-2026.

This approach, presented as a first for Longueuil, will, according to the City, make it possible to set out a vision and guiding principles to determine best practices and guide its actions, as well as areas of intervention focusing on housing, empowerment, social cohabitation and collective action.

The Department of Culture, Leisure and Social Development (DCLDS) will have the mission of ensuring coordination in collaboration with the various services and departments of the City.

Various collaborators, including around thirty speakers, around twenty community partners, two researchers and citizens experiencing homelessness , were called upon to participate in the process, specifies the City.

The plan presented today is intended to be an ambitious roadmap that meets the needs of citizens experiencing homelessness.

A quote from Catherine Fournier, mayor of Longueuil

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This reference framework and this action plan will complement Longueuil's Housing Strategy in the fight against homelessness, indicates the City.

She recalls that last December, Longueuil unveiled its Housing Strategy targeting a threshold of 20% of non-profit rental housing and support for social housing projects in the region.

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