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Drama of Amqui: beginning of the preliminary investigation for Steeve Gagnon

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The hearings of the preliminary investigation will take place at Amqui courthouse. (Archive photo)

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The preliminary investigation of the man accused in the case of the ram truck attack in Amqui, which occurred on March 13 last year, begins Monday at the Amqui courthouse.

Fourteen counts against the alleged perpetrator of this attack, Steeve Gagnon.

The 39-year-old man faces three counts of premeditated murder, nine counts of attempted murder and two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

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Steeve Gagnon is the man accused in the file of the ram truck attack which occurred in March 2023 in Amqui. (Archive photo)

The defendant's preliminary hearing was initially scheduled for September, but it was ultimately postponed until January.

Five days are therefore planned this week for the procedure and around thirty witnesses must be heard.

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The tragedy cost the lives of Gérald Charest and Jean Lafrenière, as well as Simon-Guillaume Bourget, who succumbed to his injuries in the following days. Nine other people were injured.

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The tragedy shook the small community of Amqui. (Archive photo)

The contents of a preliminary investigation are normally subject to a publication ban, which limits the disclosure of new information regarding the events.

At the end of the preliminary investigation hearings, if the court judges that there is enough evidence, the case will be transferred to the Superior Court, where there could be a trial before judge and jury.

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