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Among Us: the first images of the TV series have fallen (trailer)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

Definitely, at the moment, video game adaptations are on the rise. While Netflix is ​​preparing a series on Lara Croft, and the Angry Birds will return in a third film, this other emblematic video game will be released. developed in the form of a television series. And we already have the first images.

Among Us: the first images of the TV series have fallen (trailer)

Video game adaptations

In recent years, video game adaptations have been doing better. In the 2000s and 2010s, video game adaptations were Max Payne (2008), Prince of Persia (2010), Hitman (2007), Alone in the Dark(2006), or Doom (2005). Needless to say, we weren't spoiled. But in recent years, video game adaptations have been doing better. Super Mario Bros, the movie(2023), Sonic the movie(2020) or Uncharted (2022) have been financial successes. Enough to bring some color back to the genre.

Among Us: the first images of the TV series have fallen (trailer)

In the coming years, video games will be at the heart of film adaptations. We already know, for example, that Netflix is ​​preparing to release an animated series around Lara Croft; that Sony is working on a third Angry Birds film, and that Warner is going to release the sequel to Mortal Kombat. In addition to all these projects, Among Us will also be adapted into a series. And that's a surprise!

Among Us in series

Released in 2018, Among Us is a multiplayer online and smartphone video game developed by by the American studio InnerSloth. The game has gained a lot in terms of performance. in popularity in 2020 and 2021 during the periods of containment. The game takes place in a spaceship. Each player plays a crew member. Except that among these crew members there is an imposter,a mole, which is charged with to sabotage the mission. The game is then divided into two teams. The crew members must find their identity. of the impostor while the latter must eliminate the other players one after the other without being unmasked.

Among Us: the first images of the TV series have fallen (trailer)

During Summer Game Fest 2024, InnerSloth shared; a first extract from a television series adaptation of Among Us. An adaptation that no one saw coming. This first teaser seems to be very faithful to the game. the atmosphere and tone of the video game. We see in particular Captain Red, but also all the other characters, threatened by an Imposter. A mixture of comedy and suspense which recalls obviously the tone of the game. The series is produced by CBS Studios and animated by Titmouse, a studio particularly famous for series like Big Mouthand Star Trek: Lower Decks. Side casting, the series will count on the voices of Elijah Wood, Ashley Johnson, Randall Park, Patton Oswalt, Dan Stevens and even Yvette Nicole Brown. The series does not yet have a release date, and it is not known which platform the project will be available on.

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