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Americans are no longer afraid to send ATACMS to Ukraine

Illustrative photo from open sources /ATACMS

The risks of war escalation associated with the supply of ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine have decreased today compared to what they were before.

He said this in a conversation with journalists Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Brown, quoted by Defense One.

He noted that Russia's restrained response to a series of recent attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian territory allowed the Pentagon to adjust its analysis of the escalation risk due to sending ATACMS.

"This is what we… pay attention to. What is the likelihood of escalation based on… different opportunities and different actions?, – he said.

Observers and some Republican lawmakers have pressed the United States to send ATACMS missiles to Kyiv because it would allow Ukrainian forces to pose a threat to Russian positions, including Crimea. The use of these missiles would complicate Russia's advance, since Ukraine could continue to strike even the best-fortified Russian positions from virtually anywhere.

Some observers say that unless the US Congress passes an additional aid package for Ukraine, 60 billion dollars, Russia could seize more territory as soon as this spring.

Brown called for a quick passage of the support package and said Ukraine would face continued shelling for the foreseeable future. He also noted that fears of a large Russian offensive in the spring may be exaggerated.

"I don't know if the Russians will be able to pull off a big offensive. I mean, if you look at… what happened over the… last year, the Russians actually gave up a lot of capabilities and personnel, weapons systems and vehicles to get what they got. And, as I would say, it’s almost a meat grinder,” – noted Brown.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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