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An American woman forced to leave the  Texas for emergency abortion

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Kate Cox, 31, filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas on December 5, 2023, in order to obtain an abortion for a pregnancy that she and her doctors believe threatens her life and fertility.

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An American woman with a very risky pregnancy, who demanded the ability to have an abortion in Texas where voluntary terminations of pregnancy (IVG) are prohibited with rare exceptions, had to leave this conservative state to obtain an emergency abortion, his lawyers announced Monday.

This week of legal uncertainty has been hell for Kate, Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement. who filed a complaint on her behalf.

Her health is at stake. She has made several trips to the emergency room and she couldn't wait any longer.

A quote from Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights

Texan Kate Cox, 31 and about 21 weeks pregnant, recently had confirmation that her fetus had trisomy 18, a chromosomal anomaly associated with serious malformations.

He risks dying in utero and even if the pregnancy goes to term, the probability that the baby will be stillborn or die a few days later is high.

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According to her doctor, this pregnancy further threatens Ms. Cox's health and fertility. But she was denied an abortion due to anti-abortion laws in Texas, with her doctors saying her hands were tied, according to her complaint.

The young woman therefore filed a complaint to be able to have an abortion in her state. A judge granted his request last week, but Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed to the state's Supreme Court to have the decision stayed.

That's what the high court did Friday, blocking Ms. Cox from getting an abortion in Texas.

After a week of legal rollercoaster and threats of prosecution from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, our client Kate Cox was forced to flee her home state of Texas to obtain legal action. urgent abortion she needs to protect her health and future fertility

A quote from From the statement by the Center for Reproductive Rights

This case illustrates the headaches that patients and doctors have faced since the cancellation, by the Supreme Court, of the federal guarantee of the right to abortion in June 2022, in the wake of which several American states have restricted even banned abortions.

Since then, many American women have been forced to undertake painful and expensive journeys to have an abortion.

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