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American journalists reported on the “temniks” that were being abused by the Biden administration

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

American journalists reported on the

Presidential Headquarters Joe Biden, having given lists of praise to two radio hosts who interviewed him for the first time after his recent appearance at the debate, was offended by the hosts on Saturday, reports the Associated Press.

Two Thursday radiointerviews in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – In the two major states that Biden must win to become president, Biden's campaign is in part trying to demonstrate what the president can say. after a failed debate, when he forcibly completed his speech, steadily losing his thoughts and speaking hoarsely and unsingingly.

“Considering the fact that the election campaign is generating momentum, there are now additional doubts about how the president can intervene in unplanned situations, without previously favored topics,” – write to see you.

According to the source, aware of the situation, Biden scheduled a radio interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos several days after his lousy debate appearance. Towards the hour of the ABC interview, Biden specifically spoke about two radio interviews as proof that he was ready to turn back from the bitterness of the campaign.

Andrea Loughful-Sanders, hosting the “Dzherelo” program on WURD in Philadelphia, she said members of the Biden team gave her a set of eight questions, and she selected some of them for her interview with the president.

In response to the question about the choice of topics for the interview and about what she fed the president about those who and Earl Ingraham, a Wisconsin radio host, she told CNN to Victor Blackwell, the host of the program “First for Everything.” quo; on CNN, which was sent to her in the future.

The Biden campaign spokesmen said that they would use the tactics behind the scenes, and said that they would use a less-than-sharp approach to the interviews themselves, and added that the messages sent to both Ingram and Loful-Sanders, news of the day, including Biden's speech at the debate and what he has achieved for black Americans. At the same time, in their words, the Biden campaign did not at all intersect with food supplies.

Lauren Gitt, a spokeswoman for the Biden campaign, also told a Virginia television station that the Trump campaign said terv’ Yu pixlya Debativ, Dressing reporter Startsiyah, hesitated to go to the hogo yogo. – they set the president's food supply.

Having added that it bothered him to think about it, he didn't want to  take the opportunity to talk with the president, as life has every chance to do. told the AP.

Following her interview on CNN, Lawful-Sanders added additional commentary, saying that she did not feel pressure to make these other questions.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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