American hired at Google on 39th try

American hired at Google on 39th try

American hired at Google on 39th try

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A man from USA was hired at Google with 39 attempts, writes NDTV. Despite  many rejections, the American did not give up and got the job of his dreams.

Tyler Cohen from San Francisco posted a screenshot of the correspondence with Google on the social network, where you can see how the man received every time rejection when sending your resume to the company. This did not stop the American, and he confidently bent his line, which brought the result — in July, he was finally hired.

The American was hired for job at Google on 39th try

Photo: Tyler Cohen/Facebook

“There's a fine line between persistence and insanity. I'm still trying to figure out where she is" — Tyler commented.

It can be seen from Tyler's correspondence that he has been trying to become a Google employee since 2019. Social media users congratulated Cohen on success, but as it became clear in the comments, several people outdid Tyler's accomplishment.

“I had over 120 rejections” from Amazon, until I finally didn't get a job", — written by a man.

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