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American and German companies have presented a new jet system that is superior to HIMARS

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

American and German companies have presented a new missile system that surpasses HIMARS

The new GMARS multiple rocket launcher system from Lockheed Martin and Rheinmetall surpasses HIMARS in terms of technical characteristics, having a flight range of up to 700 kilometers and a maximum speed – 100 km/h, and more HX 8×8 chassis, which houses two rocket launchers, doubling the firepower , which is designed to significantly increase NATO's firepower. This is stated in the news publication Newsweek, the translation of which is offered by Foreign Ukraine.

This advanced weapon is intended to complement the High Mobility Artillery Missile System (HIMARS), which became a key asset in Ukraine's arsenal in the summer of 2022 after the Russian invasion.

Since that time, the American-made HIMARS has been of crucial importance for the Ukrainian military. Since the start of the war, the US has delivered at least 39 HIMARS systems to Ukraine. Each of them can launch a salvo of six missiles, hitting targets up to 50 miles away, effectively reaching Russian military compounds, command centers and logistics hubs.

GMARS is an evolution of HIMARS, featuring a larger HX 8×8 chassis that houses two rocket launchers, doubling the firepower available in a single mission. The main difference between these two systems lies in the configurations of their launchers.

The ability of GMARS to “shoot and run” is a vital improvement that allows for rapid post-fire repositioning to avoid countermeasures, unlike the smaller single-launch HIMARS profile.

Both systems are focused on mobility, using wheeled platforms for rapid deployment on the battlefield. GMARS' built-in crane also eliminates the need for additional support vehicles, increasing operational readiness.

GMARS also outperforms HIMARS in terms of performance, having a range flight up to 700 kilometers and maximum speed – 100 km/h, compared to HIMARS' range of 300 km and top speed of 85 km/h.

The design of the system allows unhindered movement on ordinary roads and railway transport. GMARS operates with a minimal crew and offers additional cockpit protection while maintaining a compact footprint without the need for outriggers, thereby maintaining its mobility and 'shoot and run' advantage.

GMARS is more like HIMARS when it comes to munitions and logistics, ensuring seamless integration with existing NATO infrastructure. Its compatibility with the MFOM family of ammunition increases range and accuracy, enhancing strategic importance.

At the presentation of the system during the defense exhibition Eurosatory-2024, the chairman of Rheinmetall, Armin Papperger, said that the company is in talks with "four or five’ potential European customers" regarding GMARS, although specific countries have not been disclosed.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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