Ember Gerd topped the top of the most popular stars according to Google

Amber Heard topped the top of the most popular stars according to Google

Amber Heard. Photo: instagram.com/amberheard

Media company CelebTattler analyzed Google search statistics and compiled a list of the most popular celebrities. Unexpectedly, the actress Amber Heard was on the first place with a record 5.6 million searches in the US per month.

Journalists note that the popularity of the actress is associated with a number of scandals and court proceedings with her ex by Johnny Depp's husband.

Depp himself took second place in the Google 2022 star rating. The actor was searched 5.5 million times in the search engine every month.

The Queen of England is immediately behind the scandalous couple. The death of Elizabeth II shocked the world and provoked an average of 4.3 million searches per month. Another sad news story — the unexpected divorce of the seemingly perfect Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady after more than 10 years of marriage — brought the athlete an average of 4.06 million mentions in the search engine.

Kim was also in the top ten. Kardashian’yan, Elon Musk and Pete Davidson.

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