Amazon to launch a drone to monitor the house in 2021

Amazon to launch a drone to monitor the house in 2021

The e-commerce giant is also preparing Luna, a game streaming service that would compete directly with Google Stadia.

Amazon to launch a drone to monitor the house in 2021

Amazon will launch Always Home Cam in 2021, a security drone that will fly inside the house with an always-on camera and that could serve, for example, to monitor a second residence or the usual home during a trip in real time.

Part of Ring's catalog of security solutions (a company that Amazon acquired in 2018), Always Home Cam will cost about $ 250, although the price in euros or the exact date of its availability in Spain has not yet been made public.

It is a small drone with four propellers that rests on a charging base. The set looks like a cube but the top can take off and fly through the different hallways and rooms to keep an eye on the house, offering several different points of view without having to install multiple cameras.

Users can indicate the route to follow or let it navigate autonomously. The video captured by the high-definition camera built into the body of the device can be viewed from a mobile app and will be sent encrypted through Amazon's servers. When the drone is low on battery, it will automatically return to its base, land and begin the recharging process.

Luna, more streaming videogames

Amazon to launch a drone to monitor the house in 2021

The device was announced today at a virtual event that has shown all the new devices and service that Amazon prepares for the coming months, and that they are not few.

Another of the protagonists of this event, for example, has been Luna, a game streaming service that can be considered as the competitor of Stadia.

As in the Google service, Luna allows users to play on any device (such as their TV or phone) thanks to a controller that connects directly to Amazon's servers to reduce latency.

It will be launched initially in the US and at a promotional price of six dollars a month. The control controller will cost $ 50 and the service will have a catalog of selected games from developers such as Ubisoft, Capcom, 505 Games, or Team 17. It will also allow hiring “channels” of large distributors with access to more advanced games for an additional price. Some games can be viewed in 4K quality but most will be distributed in 1080p resolution.

One of Luna's advantages over the competition is the synergy that the service will have with Twitch, the leading video streaming platform among gamers. It is owned by Amazon and that means the company will be able to better integrate it into the service. From a Twitch video, for example, it will be possible to jump directly to a game of the game that is on the screen if the user has contracted the service.

New Echo and FireTV

Amazon to launch a drone to monitor the house in 2021

Amazon has also announced a new line of Echo smart speakers, which this year will have a spherical design. There will be versions with a digital clock and intended for children, as in previous years. The Echo speaker will be sold for 99.99 euros and like the Echo Studio, already on sale, it detects the geometry of the room to offer a better sound.

The Echos Dot will have a similar design but in a smaller size and there will be a version with and without a clock. They will cost 69.99 euros and 59.99 euros respectively. They are available for pre-order starting today and will begin shipping later this year.

The changes are not just purely aesthetic. The company has also improved the intelligence of the virtual assistant Alexa, for example, to follow conversations between several people, even when the invocation word is not used. Alexa will also now be able to detect that she is talking to a child and adapt the content of her responses or help them read stories. The speakers also have better integration with various home automation standards.

The new edition of the FireTV device will include support for Dolby Atmos and HDR and a 50% more powerful processor. It will be sold for 39.99 euros. The company will also launch a cheaper model, the TV Stick Lite, without Dolby support for only 29.99 euros. Both devices can be reserved from this week.

Finally, Amazon has also renewed its Eero WiFi routers, adding support for WiFi6 in the new models, and will launch a 10-inch Echo Show screen that will include native support for Netflix, allowing Alexa to request movies and series from the service using only voice. . The screen also rotates automatically on its support to orient itself towards the user, even when moving around the room. It will cost 249.99 euros but the date on which it will be available is not yet known.

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