Amazon Photos changes for Android and brings new file sharing features

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The storage application seeks to compete with the Google Photos platform for the preference of these users

Amazon Photos changes for Android and brings new file-sharing features

Amazon Photos for Android. (Amazon)

The application of Amazon Photos, the virtual photo storage service of the e-commerce company, was updated for users of the Android operating system a year after its look was updated for the version aimed at iOS smartphones.

This aesthetic modification is also aimed at improving aspects such as navigation and the function of sharing images and videos between devices and users just as it does with mobile phones. Apple.

This feature, called Amazon Photos Family Archive, allows users to add a total of six family members to the Prime account, making it possible for users to upload photos to the app archive and share that content on the personal account of each one of the members.

On the other hand, in order to benefit the establishment of an orderly gallery for the users, the application of < b>Amazon allows people to perform a specific search for a gallery of photos from the home screen, making it a useful feature for users who have multiple photos saved in different categories.

Furthermore, it is possible to users to be more specific with the searches they perform because the application has more options within the collection.

Amazon Photos changes for Android and brings new file sharing features

Amazon Photos app for Android. (Amazon)

To access them you just have to swipe up inside the Amazon photo gallery on a device and once a panel opens control Extra, which includes a navigation bar, users will be able to find filter functions such as by object, place or year, so the application system not only recognizes the age of the files, but also their content.

< p class="paragraph">In addition, by touching the Amazon logo, located in the upper left corner of the galleries, users of the application will be able to access options such as customer accounts, uploads and impressions , among others.

While the paper plane icon redirects users to a web page feature where images can be shared privately with friends and family who are also using the service from their devices.

Application Features

Customers who are part of Amazon Prime have full access to high-resolution photo storage and 5 GB of video storage in Amazon Photos , which can be displayed on other compatible devices.

Though these features are not new for users of the application on iOS devicesit will be for Android users, who mainly use the Google Photos service, the service with which Amazon intends to compete.

Amazon Photos changes for Android and brings new file sharing features

Browsing interface in Amazon Photos for Android. (Andro4all)

How to Upload Photos to the Amazon Photos App on Android

Once the app is downloaded and the Amazon account is logged in, users Users will be able to upload the photos already stored on their phones. In order to do so, you must follow these steps:

– You must hold down an image that you want to upload.

– In the menu that will appear at the top, click on the button that contains an arrow icon pointing to a cloud.

– To select several images you can hold down one of them to access multiple selection and then touch more corresponding to the group you want to share.

– In case you only want to upload one to the shared file, users can click the three-dot menu icon on the top right and click the Upload button.

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