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Amazon Echo Spot 2024: the smart connected alarm clock has just been released and is on sale

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

For those looking for a small connected speaker that also doubles as an alarm clock, the all-new Amazon Echo Spot is a great choice, especially since it comes out during the sales with a very interesting promotion. It offers a compact and elegant design with its screen that will not stain your bedside table. In addition, it will at the same time offer you a multitude of features thanks to its functionality. the Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon Echo Spot 2024: the smart connected alarm clock has just been released and is on sale

Amazon Echo Spot 2024: a brand new model

The Amazon Echo Spot stands out first of all for its design. It has a spherical and compact shapewhich allows it to fit perfectly into your home whatever your interior, whether in your bedroom, on your bedside table or on your desk. It is available in black, white and blue.

In terms of display, it has a circular touch screen where you can easily read the time, but that's not all! It also displays the weather, and notifications which will be useful to you depending on your needs. It also offers many clock faces with colors so you can personalize it according to your desires. It also provides visual support for voice commands from Alexawhich makes it more intuitive to use.

Amazon Echo Spot 2024: the smart alarm clock has just been released and it's on sale

It also has a directional speaker on the front that can provide information and answer your questions using Alexa. The Echo Spot can do more than just display the time. You can ask it to set alarms or timers, give you the weather forecast, control your other compatible devices in your home, and even make audio calls. Alexa is a true personal assistant.

The Amazon Echo Spot 2024 is the latest addition to the Echo rangeand it is launched during sales, hence; its reduced price at the moment, so don't hesitate too long to treat yourself to it.

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