Amazon Alexa functions in Mexico: “Alexa, mariachi mode”, “Alexa, telenovela mode” and more

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The virtual assistant, which allows you to make free phone calls, celebrates 4 years in the Mexican market

Amazon's Alexa functions in Mexico: “Alexa, mariachi mode”, “Alexa, telenovela mode” and more

Amazon Alexa. (photo: Al Día News)

The Alexa service, the Amazon voice assistant for Echo smart speakers, it was launched in 2014 as a way to support users in carrying out their daily tasks by being part of a Smart Home line that automates some tasks in homes.< /p>

In markets such as Mexico, a country where the voice assistant is 4 years old, commands such as “Alexa , mariachi mode”, “Alexa, telenovela mode” or “Alexa, soccer player mode” to experience new utilities.

However, turning on the lights in the house, setting reminders , and managing routines are not the only skills Alexa has. Some of them are:

Contact with smartphones

The voice assistant can be used as a means of communication. To the video call and Drop In functions, with which you can talk with other Echo users, is added the option of making phone calls for free through the smart speaker.

Amazon's Alexa functions in Mexico: “Alexa, mariachi mode”, “Alexa, telenovela mode” and more

With the help of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant (Echo Dot), the Siemens iQ700 series refrigerator can be opened hands-free. Photo: Florian Schuh/dpa

According to Amazon, to activate this function, users just have to say “Alexa, call the number of…” and wait a few seconds for the contact to be made. This feature is only available in countries such as Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

In the particular case of Echo Show devices, Alexa has the ability to produce real-time subtitles during calls being made, whether they are voice or video, in the event that a person is in a place with a lot of noise in the environment or has hearing problems.

Routines and activity reminders

Alexa can also keep track of what products are needed in the home, so once people decide, a can be generated shopping list that can even be printed to physically manage its contents. Not only that, but the logging function can also be used to remind tasks and issue an alarm at a certain time so that it is done at the time the user considers.

For On the other hand, as a way to establish healthy habits among users, Echo devices also have a built-in function that allows them to establish exercise routines, so that people can keep in good physical condition.

Amazon's Alexa functions in Mexico: “Alexa, mariachi mode”, “Alexa, telenovela mode” and more

Ziggy is the new wake word for Alexa on Amazon Echo devices. Photo: Amazon/dpa

This feature is also available on the Echo Show and the Fire TV Stick device. To open the training programs it will only be necessary for the users to say “Alexa. open 54D”. This particular feature is available in Mexico, the United States, some Latin American countries, and Spain.

New features

The technology company it also launched a new Echo Dot device on the market, this time fifth generation, as well as a version of the product with a virtual clock. These products are unique in that they include an improved system for text input and other controls through hand gestures that can be used to take full advantage of the capabilities of the < b>devices.

Amazon's assistant platforms are not only limited to smart speakers, but also have screens with the system of Alexa integrated so that people can have a greater variety of commands, alarms, availability of additional activities that can be, as well as useful, fun for users. p>

Some of them that the company specifically enabled in Mexico to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the virtual assistant in the country are: “Alexa, Happy Birthday”, “sing the mornings”, “sing the dance birthday”, “open your congratulations”, “let's toast together”, “clown mode”, “tell me your birthday poem” and “Alexa, let's imagine together It's the story of your creation.”

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