Alyosha spoke about the service of Taras Topol in the defense

Alyosha spoke about the service of Taras Topol in the defense

Alyosha spoke about Taras Topol's service in the defense industry

Spivechka Alyosha, like a retinue of the leader of the group & # 8220; Antitila & # 8221; Tarasa Topolі rozpovila in the interv’th channel 24, which positively accepted the decision of a person to protect Ukraine from the enemy.

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More positively, because I myself am like that. Yakby was able in me, I would have gone. At the same time, there is a lot of information about those that people are on the lookout for. I respect that the skin is a smart person, what a mind, that you can help to protect Ukraine, do not hesitate. For me, it’s even more wonderful when the boys are struggling. Terrorism is being introduced at the same time, we are destroying the lives of people today. So I would have gone myself, the yakbi did not need to bring children. I would be with Taras at once,

– the couple broke up.

Behind the words of Alyosha, perebuvayuchaya for the cordon with children, it is even more difficult to guard for him, who is living in Ukraine and it is spiritually important to let through everything that a person sees. Recently, Alyosha came to Ukraine to hang out with Taras, as if she could not bear the separation any longer. more bored. I wanted to do yoga, hug, talk. I wanted to cheer for my fathers, brothers. I am small today, but I spent 4 days in a high, more it’s important to get there. I spent the last 4 days at Kiev. Taras didn’t advise me, because he just wanted to get his teeth. Thank God, if I arrived, then only once during that hour at Kiev I felt a siren. As soon as it swayed, active shelling of peaceful places began again. After that, she wobbled with Taras, fell into a rage,

– the sleep lasted.

The couple together with the children is going to America, where is Taras's aunt. For an hour of Alyosha's trip to Ukraine, the children were left under the supervision of their aunt, and they also saw the child's tabir.