Aluminum fishing boats: characteristics, features, and benefits

Aluminum boats are excellent sailing equipment for fishing and outdoor activities. It may seem that this is a vehicle for beginners, and they are often called hobby-class boats, but this is not entirely true.

Some aluminum boats can meet the highest demands. Many of them even have a number of advantages compared to the rest. Prices can be both the lowest and reach, depending on the class of the boat, the sky-high amounts.

If you are looking for a boat to go fishing regularly, then one of aluminum fishing boats will be an excellent option.

Characteristics of aluminum boats:

·         Length (3-8 meters);

·         width (meters);

·         weight (kg.);

·         payload (kg.);

·         deadrise (measured in degrees);

·         transom height (mm.);

·         body draft (m.);

·         seaworthiness (wave height);

·         recommended motor power (10 to 300 hp);

·         passenger capacity (from 3 to 10 people);

·         body materials: various alloys of aluminum.

Comparison of inflatable and aluminum boats

Inflatable boats are cheaper, lighter, and easier to use than aluminum ones. Small inflatable boats can be carried in a bag or backpack, and they can be stored almost anywhere. But the speed and stability of inflatable boats cannot be compared with aluminum boats.

Most aluminum boats allow to install quite powerful engines with a capacity of 100 horsepower or more, but this depends on the specific model. They can cover a fairly large distance. They are equally good for rivers and lakes. Such a boat can often be purchased at a bargain price, as Finval 475, for example.

Main features of aluminum fishing boats

Aluminum boats have one main feature – they are mainly used for freshwater. In seawater and at large waves, they are not stable enough, and there is a high probability of tipping over. Because of this, fishermen, who use an aluminum boat in seawater try to walk close to the shore, adhering to lagoons and bays, where the water is calmer.

Often the manufacturer of the boat refuses the guarantee if the aluminum boat was used in seawater. Although aluminum boats are susceptible to a high degree of corrosion, there are special aluminum alloys that include other metals that increase the resistance to corrosion.

But, despite this, many owners of ordinary aluminum boats do not see a big problem with corrosion, provided that the boat is stored properly and washed after each swim.

When buying, you should also pay attention to the weight of the boat. Weight has a huge impact on boat speed, as well as fuel economy and engine life. The lighter the boat is, the less it is buried in the water, and the less friction it creates, which reduces the load on the boat motor.

Also, most boats have a compartment for fresh fish or an elevated platform for fishing. Keeping pace with progress, more and more manufacturers of aluminum boats offer such options and even a complete modification at the request of the customer.

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