Although the team is not interested at the moment, Daniela Chávez is still in the middle of the campaign.

Chilean model and television presenter Daniella Chávez has set herself a goal: to buy the soccer team she loves, the O'Higgins de Rancagua. What is curious is the method he chose to raise the funds.

Chavez, who has recently worked in media such as Televisa Deportes, came to fame a couple of years ago, when it was leaked, in 2010, that he had had a relationship with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and that this would have been the cause of CR7's breakup with the model Irina Shayk. She herself came out to deny it.

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Later, in the Copa América in which Chile was local, in 2015, Chávez was also famous for her support of the team that won the first of its two titles in that edition.

The Chilean came to pose for magazines like Playboy and lately she has become popular for sharing erotic content.

This is how Daniella Chávez's collection began to buy the O'Higgins

That, precisely, was the way he used to get the funds to buy the O'Higgins: through his OnlyFans account.

Chavez boasted on his Twitter account of the amount he had raised to get closer to the goal of acquiring the club: just over five million dollars, in less than a week.

But the goal is much higher. Chavez hopes to raise about 20 million dollars to make a formal offer. The team's squad, according to Transfermarkt, is valued at 9 million euros.

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“I'm from Rancagua, I'm a fan and O'Higgins has been having a bad time for a long time. I think that with my work team we can do things better, return to Rancagua a winning team, with aspirations, not playing to participate. I want a team winner and let him fight everything,” Chavez told ADN Radio.

What do the directors of O'Higgins think?

What do the current owners of O'Higgins think? “There is no option for the Abumohor family (current owners) to sit down and talk with her, because she has treated them badly on social networks and on several occasions,” club sources told Redgol.

“The club has not been appraised, perhaps it could be close to 10 million dollars”, they added.

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