Alternative jury of “Eurovision-2020” identified the place of the Little Big

Alternative members of the jury told what place in the framework of “Eurovision-2020”, the group Little Big from Russia. Instead of full performances on the background of the pandemic coronavirus had to limit TV show Europe, Shine A Light.

Альтернативное жюри “Евровидения-2020” определило место Little Big

Many viewers disappointed with this format, as was observed of the intensity of emotion and a real “fight” between the contestants. “Eurovision-2020” probably was a “consolation concert” so that the participants could show their composition to the world. At the same time in several countries began to organize “alternative jury” selecting the most worthy contenders for victory. After analyzing about 15 informal voting in 11 European countries, the portal “MK” concluded that Little Big never won first place. The maximum second position in Norway, where the best was called Iceland. The worst result among the Russian groups on the ground WiWiBlogs — 13 line. Among the three leaders also often flashed Viktoriya from Bulgaria, Gjon”s Tears from Switzerland, Iceland og Daði Gagnamagnið and The Rooр from Lithuania.

Interviewed journalists and Russian stars. Dima Bilan with all the love Little Big put on the Bulgarian singer, noting applicants from Malta and Switzerland. Anita Tsoy was rooting for the group from St. Petersburg and The Roop. Lena Katina without “our” set on Sweden.

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