Alsace: Sophie Binet marches with Clestra employees, on strike for two months

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Employment The general secretary of the CGT went to Illkirch-Graffenstaden to support the employees of Clestra, the world leader in office partitions. Everyone fears the dismantling of the company. since-two-months-d8d96ca.jpg” alt=”Alsace : Sophie Binet parades with employees of Clestra, on strike for two months” />

Sophie Binet at the demonstration of the 1st -May (illustration). — ISA HARSIN

A “scandalous situation”. That's it! how the general secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet, qualified the state of negotiations between employees and Clestra management. A strike has affected for eight weeks the “world leader in office partitions” to Illkirch-Graffenstaden, at side of Strasbourg.

“I came to support them,” Sophie Binet in front of the company where Several dozen employees were present, most of whom had worn a CGT chasuble. According to the union (majority), 120 employees of Clestra Metal (which has become Unterland Metal since the takeover by Jestia last October) out of 140 have been on strike since July 3.

Sophie Binet lambasted the buyer, Jestia, whom she fears is looking “ ’ dismantle this flagship” of French industry. The management, which according to the CGT does not give any information on its industrial project, “is increasing the provocations”, she denounced, referring to the dismissal of an employee. on the grounds that he took out his phone at work, or even “negative payslips”, some workers having “2,000 euros deduction from wages” in July.

“The management does not give us any information”

We must “force the shareholder to make it transparent,” the trade unionist, calling “public authorities as a whole” to go up to the crenel. She called back that Jestia had enjoyed during the takeover from Clestra “of 5”million euros in public aid in exchange for commitments” The State “has updated disposal […] 4 million euros” and the Grand-Est Region “has lent 900,000 euros”.

According to Amar Ladraa, regional manager of the CGT metallurgy and member of the CSE of Clestra, the management has started. in June at moving machinery from Illkirch to a new site at the Port Autonome de Strasbourg, “five times smaller” than the current one. “Half” employees do not know if they will be affected and the management gives us no information on the content of the industrial project,” he lamented. The strikers did not touch salary in July and August and a support kitty was open online.

Solicited, the management did not wish to communicate. Questioned by BFM Alsace, she however assured; to be “to be” listening to employees” and desired that the activity “can resume its normal course.