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All about skin recovery after winter stress

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar20,2024

All about skin recovery after winter stress

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The skin experiences stress during the winter period due to exposure to low temperatures, dry air during the heating season, as well as insufficient hydration, lack of sunlight, etc. Adverse environmental factors can dehydrate the skin, making it dry,

Adverse environmental factors can dehydrate the skin, making it dry, damaged and dull. Winter stress can lead to the appearance of rashes, inflammation, pigmentation, etc., even if you did not have such problems before.

In order to normalize the water balance and restore the microbiome, it is recommended to change your care products for the winter period, choosing those that strengthen a protective barrier and provide the necessary nutrition. For example, creams, toners, serums with panthenol and ceramides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, which are in the collection of Korean brand Needly(, will help you recover from winter stress. In addition, you should drink your daily amount of water, calculated according to your weight, and develop a balanced diet for yourself.

All about skin recovery after winter stress

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Regular hydration is a source of beauty

After the winter cold and dryness indoors, the skin needs life-saving moisturizing. To saturate it with effective creams and serums, you should look for products with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera extract and vegetable oils that give elasticity and smoothness.

Don't forget about masks that will help avoid the early appearance of signs aging caused by winter stress. Add a cream, serum with ceramides to your daily beauty ritual. These lipids improve the condition of the skin by strengthening the protective barrier and stopping moisture loss.

Proper cleansing is the way to renewal

Avoid harsh scrubs, because your skin needs soft and delicate cleansing. Use gels and foams with gentle formulas that will not disturb the natural pH balance. Add tonics to the ritual, which will balance the skin and prepare it for further care. For showering, use natural soap or shower gel without fragrances and containing shea oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or other plant components.

You can also contact a cosmetologist, who will recommend cleaning procedures to restore the skin. In particular, microdermabrasion, which is a hardware method of exfoliation and promotes collagen production, evens the tone by removing the outer layer of dead cells. This procedure helps to heal damaged areas and improve the microrelief of the skin.

All about skin restoration after winter stress

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The power of vitamins for recovery after winter

Spring is the time of fresh fruits and vegetables that saturate the body with vitamins, giving it energy and beauty. Enrich your diet with products with vitamins A, C and E, because these are real elixirs of youth. In addition, you can consult a family doctor and choose a vitamin and mineral complex according to your needs. Add products with natural oils that also contain vitamins to your beauty ritual.

Regenerative massage is the secret to glowing skin

Give yourself a facial massage – it is not only a pleasant procedure, but also an effective method of improving blood circulation and stimulating the regeneration of skin affected by winter stress. We recommend using gouache or a roller massager for this procedure.

Guasha is an ancient oriental massage technique that, with the help of a jade or quartz scraper, improves blood circulation, lymph flow, eliminates puffiness and stimulates collagen production. Rollers made of natural stones, in particular jade, rose quartz or amethyst, not only give pleasant sensations, but also tone the skin.

Using these tools is very simple:

< p>• apply a cream or serum to the face that moisturizes the skin and normalizes its protective function;
• use a gouache scraper with light movements to massage the lines of the face;
• use a roller to smooth out wrinkles, eliminate swelling and improve the complexion .

Add a facial massage to your daily beauty ritual for glowing and renewed skin already at the beginning of spring.

Remember that the beauty of the skin is also a reflection of well-being and attitude Pull. In the spring, surround yourself with care, drink more water, normalize your sleep and activity regime, enjoy the fresh air and give yourself positive emotions. Of course, restoring the skin after the winter months requires a well-thought-out and targeted care strategy. Paying attention to the changing needs of your skin with the seasons will keep it looking flawless.

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